Past teachers, current teachers, teachers-to-be: We’re pretty sure more than a few of these will sound familiar.

You know you’re a teacher when…

“…you log two miles of walking during your work day.” – Scaffolded Math and Science 

The Daring English Teacher“…you avoid certain baby names because of former students.” – The Daring English Teacher 

“…every outfit you own has a cardigan to match!” – Red Stick Teaching Materials  

“…you would rather just go to work because it’s too much work to be out!” – Julie Faulkner 

It's Not Rocket Science“…you can go eight straight hours without going to the bathroom.” – It’s Not Rocket Science 

“…a jeans day is to be celebrated as much as a snow day.” – That Rocks Math Science and ELA 

“…your high school students think you’re crazy when you start laughing at a piece of text because you understand the author’s humor even though it went way over their heads!”- Literary Roses 

Diana Bailey“…you can spot a spelling or grammatical error on a sign a mile away!”- Diana Bailey 

“…you are out and about shopping and you have to resist the urge to take out your red pen and correct all of the spelling and grammatical mistakes on the store signs!” – Infinite Possibilities 

“…your hands are routinely covered in ink.”- OCBeachTeacher 

“…you know when every holiday is between August and June!” – The Math Factory 

“…you can tell there’s a full moon without even looking.” – Science Chick 

Christina Gil“…you can’t stay awake past 7:45 on Friday night!” – Christina Gil

“…you ration your K-Cups to ensure you have enough coffee to make it through the week.” – Social Studies Odds ‘n Ends