These are honest, hilarious, and oh-so-accurate.

You know you’re a teacher when…

Utah Roots“…you start having back-to-school dreams in June.” – UtahRoots 

“ have lots of unused boxes of crayons and other school supplies in your house, and your own children are already grown up.” – CampingTeacher 

“…you pull random items like Unifix cubes, broken crayons, wilted flowers, or small confiscated toys out of your clothes pockets when doing the laundry.” – Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies 

Elementary Ali - Teacher's Workstation“…you’re collecting rocks and leaves from random peoples’ yards because you might need them for the next science unit.” – Elementary Ali – Teacher’s Workstation 

“…you shop anyplace BUT the town/city where you teach.” – Donald’s English Classroom 

“…you have a green army man and Spiderman sunglasses in your purse, and you don’t have any children.” – Around the World Learning 

“…your favorite chair sits six inches off the floor.” – Carla Hoff 

Adam Thompson“…you expect your friends and family to raise their hands before talking.” – Adam Thompson 

“…you go to happy hour with smelly stickers on your sweater, chalk dust on your pants, and colored marker all over your hands. True story! We’d order a drink, then de-sticker each other.” – Silly Sam Productions 

“…you can go to the bathroom, make a phone call, brainstorm with some peers about either a troubling, hysterical, or hysterically troubling issue that came up earlier in the day, and eat your lunch in a 15-minute time span.” – TrinityMusic 

KinderLit“…no one believes that a child brought a kitten to school in their backpack and you didn’t know it until mid-morning.”- KinderLit 

“…you’re getting your eyebrows waxed, you fall asleep on the table, and not even the RIIIIIIIIIIIIP of the hair being pulled out of your flesh at the follicles wakes you up.” – The Zoo Librarian