When you have an artist’s eye, you see things differently — which is why Art with Jenny K couldn’t help but wonder… what’s the story behind the profile pictures and store names of TpT’ers? It turns out, a bunch of really special stories! Here are just a few:

As Lauren wracked her brain prepping a speech for her graduate school graduation, “I realized that the best quality a teacher could obtain is to be teachable. Times change, students change, administration and standards change. The way to be a good teacher is to be teachable, to be willing to grow and adjust and learn.” Read more from A Teachable Teacher.

“Well, the story begins with the name of my blog and TpT store, which some of you may know. My name is NOT Daisy, although a lot of my customers think so. Nope! Daisy is my dog’s name! And she is a precious little (and loud) chihuahua!” This peppy pooch provided comfort during a difficult time.

Though they’ve recently updated their store profile pic, the sweet story behind Created for Learning’s family photo might make you grab a tissue. “I got a little emotional and realized I almost took that away by making my daughter change because these were our pricey pictures and people normally have matchy-matchy outfits in these types of family pictures. I vowed that I’d always let my kids choose their outfits to document their style and personality.” Read Lisa’s whole story here.

Here’s 4/5th of the family in a field of yellow mustard seed flowers.

Teachers Resource Force

For this UK Teacher-Author, the store name came more easily than the image, but inspiration struck once this Teacher-Author started making teen clip art. “I thought ‘Teachers Resource Force’ sounded quite superhero like, and so it was the teen superhero clip art that kicked off the new logo as we know it.”

Finally, a “furry, fluffy, chubby, cute” tale. Who hasn’t wondered where the hedgie in Hedgehog Reader comes from? And now we know. “When I was thinking up a name for my blog, I knew that I wanted to have a little something that felt cozy and fun. So that’s where the HEDGEHOG part of my logo came from.” Check out the photo on her blog in which she comes face-to-face with a “quokka” on Australia’s Rottnest Island. Pam explains, “This is a photo of me with what might be the closest thing to a hedgehog that I’ve been up close to. It’s a quokka, and although many consider them to be essentially vermin, I think they’re cute as can be!”

There are many more stories to check out, and you can find them all on Jenny K’s blog linky featuring more than 50 TpT bloggers.