Announcing… a NEW TpT Blog Series!

“Since You Asked” seeks to link Buyers’ Big Questions with informative and friendly answers from Sellers.

We recently rounded up questions from TpT’ers on Facebook. One of the top queries was “What programs do Sellers use to make their high-quality resources look great?” Wonder no more! We’ve gathered answers and even tutorials!

Teachers Pay Teachers: Erica BohrerFirst off, for anyone wondering about or working on getting started selling on TpT, we highly recommend Erica Bohrer’s post entitled Getting Started on TpT. It’s packed with helpful hints!



Many Teacher-Authors Prefer PowerPoint

Literacy Loves CompanyLittle Learner Toolbox says, “I find Microsoft PowerPoint really easy to create the pages as I want them: inserting text and graphics as well as changing and designing backgrounds. So far I haven’t really needed anything else, and the more I use the program, the more I learn about it. It has so many handy features.” A Teachable Teacher prefers PowerPoint for its “neat text formatting options such as font colors, outlines, and background glow.” UtahRoots loves being able to drag shapes around and manipulate objects and text boxes. Literacy Loves Company likes that she can duplicate pages, add backgrounds, and edit pictures right on the page.

Carol's Garden“When I first started creating resources, I was using Microsoft Word,” says Carol’s Garden, “But I was extremely frustrated at the way graphics would jump around or hide under other items. I read a forum post about the benefits of creating products in PowerPoint, so I decided to try it. Now I would never go back!” She recently wrote a blog post about her experience.

And TpT’s Top Seller Deanna Jump concurs. She says, “Oh, my word! Don’t use Word! PowerPoint is so much easier to use!”

Some Lean Toward Publisher

Read Like a Rock Star uses Microsoft Publisher to create her resources. “I couldn’t live without it!” she says. Edventures at Home prefers this program as well, although she admits, “… there are a few features in PowerPoint that I just can’t give up!”

Others Are All About Adobe

Right Brain Kid loves the flexibility that Adobe Creative Cloud offers. “I can create my own coordinating graphics, frames, and backgrounds in Illustrator or Photoshop before uploading them into InDesign for the ultimate layout experience.” Mr Jimmy enjoys making his own graphics and layouts with Adobe Illustrator and Pages by Apple, respectively. “Pages is a great word processor that has enough advanced features for transferring my artwork from Illustrator but still manages to keep everything user-friendly.”

Curriculum to the CoreAdobe Creative Cloud is a go-to for Curriculum to the Core. She says, “It has so many apps from which to choose. I’ve been making my pages in InDesign and use Illustrator to make supplemental clip art for my products.” She adds, “Teachers and students can purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud for a significant discount.

A Few Teacher-Authors Do a Combo

Elementary Ali looks to Microsoft Word, Paint, and PowerPoint for creating her resources. She explains, “Each program has certain key features, so I typically have all three programs open at all times on my computer!” Lindsay Perro adds, “I use PowerPoint for everything from creating products to making preview collages and long pins for Pinterest. I also use Photoshop to make banners and buttons for my blog and store.”

Rachel LynetteAnd thank you, Rachel Lynette, for these wonderful words of wisdom: “You don’t necessarily need fancy programs to create your resources, but you do need to know the ins and outs of the program you use to make your products look appealing and professional.”


Some Seller-Created How-To Products:

We’re adding this post about where Teacher-Authors find the time to work on TpT products to our Since You Asked series. And more to come.