"Engaging visuals and a catchy song guide children through a focused listening practice," says Mindful Youth Project.

This week we’re showcasing the Mr. Hummingbird Introductory Video from Mindful Youth Project.

We recently started telling you about videos created to share with students in the classroom. It was one of the interesting outcomes of releasing the ability to upload video on the site. We’re hearing from Buyers that they love being able to change up their routines and engage their kiddos in new ways.

From Mindful Youth Project’s product description, this video contains “Engaging visuals and a catchy song guide children through a focused listening practice that exercises attention control…self regulation…and other social emotional skills that are essential to success in the classroom and beyond.”

Here’s what we noticed:

  • As you can see above, Mindful Youth Project includes a fantastic product description that includes lots of information to ensure that viewers know what they’re getting and how it can benefit students.
  • The preview for this paid video is 1:54. We’ve often heard that Buyers appreciate longer previews where they can get a better sense of what’s included in the video. Think of including bits and pieces from various parts of your video, if your content is long.

What inspired you to start creating video on TpT?

Working in education for almost 20 years and having two children of my own, I am very familiar with the power of video as an educational tool. Video is not only engaging for kids but is also a great teaching resource for introducing complex topics and procedures. Well-designed educational videos have also been shown to enhance students’ knowledge retention and generalization of information. Furthermore, when the power of video meets the creative potential of a platform like TpT the possibilities for producing inspiring educational content are endless.

What’s your tip for someone new to video?

My number one tip for newcomers that are entering the world of video is that there are so many useful and free resources available online. From forum help on the TpT site to how-to-videos on YouTube, you can easily find great information pertaining to every aspect of the creation process. Furthermore, low cost platforms like Fiverr allow you to access professional help in all areas of video creation and more for incredibly affordable rates.

"Engaging visuals and a catchy song guide children through a focused listening practice," says Mindful Youth Project.
Bright visuals engage students

If someone is afraid to take the leap into video, what would you tell him or her?

Video production is such an increasingly important and popular form of digital communication that it is (and even more so will be) almost impossible to avoid. Furthermore, the fact that more and more individuals are producing and consuming video content helps pave the way for newcomers to enter into the field with increasing ease. As video technology continues to improve, costs decrease, user interfaces become more streamlined, and high quality end products becomes easier and easier to achieve.

Can you tell us about one or two of your videos that you really like? How do you hope these videos will help educators?

All of the videos that I have created for my TpT store “Mindful Youth Project” incorporate new insights from the Social Emotional Learning movement in an attempt to not only support academic success but also student well-being and stronger community ties. My favorite of these is the “Hello Body” video, which I’m currently offering as a free download. It’s a great introduction to the practice of mindfulness, providing young children with foundational skills in attention control, behavioral regulation, and social awareness.

What’s the most challenging part of the process.

For me the most challenging part of creating videos is simply getting started. At first it seemed like such a daunting task, having little to no experience in this arena. However, a few Google searches into the process and my knowledge base began to surge. Before long the path forward became clear and once I understood how possible video creation was the rest was just doing what was needed.