We believe that every time a Teacher joins Teachers Pay Teachers, something magical happens. Here’s why:
  • Now that you’ve become a part of TpT, you have access to amazing resources to help you teach at your best and impact your class in new and wonderful ways.
  • You’re ensuring your students get fresh, quality resources to maximize their learning potential and keep them excited about doing their best work in your classroom.
  • You’re also supporting other educators with every purchase you make — up to 85% of TpT’s profits go right back to TpT’s Sellers, educators like you!
  • AND you’re getting your time back. We know teachers (you!) work incredibly, incredibly, incredibly hard. The to-do list never stops growing, and everything feels like top priority. TpT is a great way to tick some of those tasks (such as creating a classroom presentation or crafting an entire unit) off your to-do list. It’s a huge step toward a more balanced way of living.

New to TpT? 8 Tips to Try

Use these tips to make the most of your TpT experience:

1. Follow your favorite sellers. It’s simple to do. When you’re in a Seller’s store, just click the “Follow me” button under the store name:
Favorite Sellers: Teachers Pay Teachers

Once you click on the button, it will then change to say “Following,” and you’ll know you’re officially following that Seller!
Favorite Sellers: Teachers Pay Teachers

So, what does this mean? LOTS of great things: You’ll be first to know when the Seller throws a money-saving sale. You’ll also get email updates (like the one below) when your favorite Sellers create a new resource!

Favorite Sellers: Teachers Pay Teachers

Here’s where you can keep track of the Sellers you follow (you can also get there by hovering the “My TpT” button near the top, right of your TpT screen. The menu will open, and you can click on the link to “My Favorite Sellers.”) Amend your list at any time — it’s all about what works for you and your teaching needs!

2. Read the TpT blog regularly. It’s the place to be! You’ll get to know the Sellers through our 5 Questions posts. You’ll be introduced to TpT staff. You’ll discover products you’ll want to snap up for your classroom. And you’ll stay on top of important TpT news.

3. Make sure you’re signed up to receive TpT’s free weekly newsletter. Also known as the 10 Free Downloads newsletter, this fun, colorful read highlights standout resources across the PreK-12 grade levels — and a lot more. Discover the week’s best-selling resources, meet Featured Sellers, see special offers, and even check out new clip art. Set your email preferences to receive this can’t-miss newsletter in your inbox.

4. Build your wish list. When you see a resource you love (or want to look more closely at later), add it to your wish list. No pressure, no commitment! It’s just a perfect way to hold onto items, so you can easily move them over to your cart when ready. To access the resources in your wish list (or in your cart), make sure you’re logged in to TpT. Then simply roll your mouse over the cart icon at the top of the screen until something that looks like this (see below) opens. You can then click directly into your wish list. It’s that easy!

Wish list: Teachers Pay Teachers

5. Access your purchases and freebies. Can’t seem to locate that awesome freebie you downloaded or that incredible resource you bought last month? No problem! Simply visit your My Purchases page. (To get there, make sure you’re logged in to TpT, then use your mouse to hover over the “My TpT” button near the top of your screen. The menu will open and you can click on the link to “My Purchases.”) There, you’ll see options to click on the “Paid Purchases” tab — and TpT now has a Free Downloads tab as well so you can keep track of the free products you’ve downloaded this year. Organization feels GOOD!

6. Earn TpT credits by providing feedback on your purchases. Get this: You receive one TpT Credit for every $ you spend on TpT if you Provide Feedback — both a fair rating and a fair comment — on the items that you purchase. Every 100 Credits is worth $5 that you can apply towards future TpT purchases, but there’s no need to wait until you have 100 to redeem them. 50 credits are worth $2.50, for example! You can learn more right here.

7. Visit our FAQs page, or reach out to Customer Support. If you have a question or concern, make our FAQs page your first stop.  You’ll find helpful answers to questions such “What is a ZIP file?” “What if my file isn’t printing correctly?” and “Which browser should I use for TpT?” There’s also our fantastic and dedicated Customer Support Team — you can contact them here.

Keep in mind that they do a whole lot, so it might take a day or two for you to receive a reply. But rest assured that this outstanding crew is on it! To help keep things organized for you and the Customer Support Team, please only open one ticket per issue.

8. Like TpT on Facebook, and follow us on other areas of social media. Join hundreds of thousands of your closest educator friends! Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and G+ are great places to find flash freebies, news about sitewide sales, and a fantastic community of teachers. These are wonderful ways to stay in-the-know.

Teachers Pay Teachers Facebook


We hope this has helped you feel even more acquainted with the TpT community — we’re absolutely THRILLED to have you here! You’re an essential part of the world’s first and largest open marketplace for teachers to buy, sell, and share original teaching resources, and one of the most vibrant, supportive, and positive Teacher communities around! TpT’s mission is to empower teachers to teach at their best. We believe in teachers, and we believe in you!