Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is committed to maintaining an inclusive community where every educator can share and access the ideas and resources they need to teach at their best. This includes on our social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We love to hear from the TpT community, and use our social media channels to foster informative, engaging, and supportive conversations related to education; announce company news and new business initiatives; and highlight TpT resources, content, and educators.

If you post to one of TpT’s social media channels, or respond to or comment on one of our posts, you are agreeing to abide by these Community Guidelines:  

1. Be respectful. First and foremost, please show respect for other members of our social media community. We encourage and welcome your comments, provided that you share your viewpoint in a way that is respectful. While users may disagree with an idea, comment or question, any form of harassment, hate speech, or bullying is not tolerated. We will remove any content or comments that intentionally or unintentionally:

  1. 1. Trivialize traumatic experiences (e.g., slavery in America, the Holocaust, Syrian civil war, Hurricane Katrina).
  1. 2. Disrespect, discriminate, or have the effect of marginalizing the experiences, lives, or beliefs of others. This includes comments that are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or sexist.
  1. 3. Contain profane, explicit, or obscene imagery or language.

2. Keep it relevant and on-topic. Keep your comments relevant and appropriate to the conversation. Off-topic posts or posts containing self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links, such as resources that link to other online retailers or e-commerce sites, aren’t allowed. 

3. We may ask for permission to feature your social media posts. By posting on social media and tagging Teachers Pay Teachers or using #TeachersPayTeachers, you understand that TpT may reach out via comment, direct message, or email to request to feature your content or ideas in any media, including on social media channels and on our other websites and pages. By granting permission, you represent that you own the content or have permission to grant TpT use of the content, and that your content does not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other legal rights of any third party. We’ll always make our best effort to credit your work.

We reserve the right to remove, hide, or report comments that are not in keeping with our policy, to block users who violate this policy, or to take enforcement action.

Please bear in mind that community members are responsible for their comments or posts. We do our best to moderate the conversation across our social media accounts to ensure comments are in line with this policy, however, we cannot monitor every individual comment or posting, and comments from community members don’t necessarily reflect the views of TpT. 

All activity on a social network is subject to the site’s terms and conditions. If content does not meet their guidelines, it may be removed by the social network. Community members are also encouraged to report any posts or comments that violate the platform’s terms to the social media platform itself.

We appreciate our community’s partnership in keeping TpT’s social media channels an inclusive, supportive place for all educators. Together, we support every educator to teach at their best.

Last Updated: May 29, 2020