Do you have goals and resolutions set for the coming year? We’re fresh into January — there’s still time. Draw inspiration from this collection of New Year’s blog posts from TpT Teacher-Authors.

TpT Resolution 1: Make a Plan — Reach Your Goals

First Grade Nest: Jessica Tobin: What's in store
First Grade Nest: Jessica Tobin
  • How can you stick to your goals if you don’t write them down? Jessica Tobin wrote hers down in her blog, First Grade Nest and provides a wonderful template for anyone else interested. One of her goals: “Blog at least two-three times per week and try to work at least two hours a week on a new product!”
  • Tamara Russell from Mrs. Russell’s Room took Jessica’s challenge, linked up and wrote her own 2014 goals. She says, “I would love to be a more well rounded blogger. I want to get better at what I post. I want to be better at connecting with other teachers online.”
  • A Peach for the Teach also hosted a linky party at her blog of the same name and provides a template to write down 5 different resolutions. What are your Personal, Professional, Classroom, Blog/TpT, and Just-for-fun goals for 2014?
  • One item I saw a lot of in the Personal section of those who linked up was to read. Professional development books yes, but also reading for the sake of reading. Bethany Hunter of Hunter’s Teaching Tales puts it simply: “Read 24 ‘just for fun’ books this year.”
FREEBIELICIOUS: What's in store
FREEBIELICIOUS: Delicious freebies from Sweet Pre-K, Kinder, & First Grade Teachers
  • We also got wind of a great blog hopping party that provides inspiration AND freebies! Who wouldn’t love some new FREE products for 2014? Check out all the great stuff and hop from blog to blog — starting at the FREEBIELICIOUS blog post.

TpT Resolution 2: Get Organized & Balanced

  • The resolution to get organized bubbled to the top in a lot of Teacher-Authors New Year’s blog posts. Retta of Rainbow City Learning says she plans to clean out her school file cabinets, particularly those full of teacher books she doesn’t use much anymore because, she says, “When I need a fresh idea, I just search on TpT and always find what I need. Often, I find even more that I didn’t even know I needed.”
Wise Owl Factory: What's in store
Free New Year Resolution Writing and Charting: Wise Owl Factory
  • Wise Owl Factory blogs about the 7 habits of happy kids and shares a lovely organizational resource to help your kids think about, articulate and stick to these habits.
  • Heather from The Helpful Counselor would prefer to do away with resolutions all together and stick to smart goals. She provides a wonderful comparison of resolutions vs. smart goals in her New Year’s blog post and a free printable to boot!
  • Shelly from TheWriteStuff blogs about having purpose and balance, and empowering students to also have purpose. She says, “We need to provide experiences for our students so that they can feel a sense of purpose. We need to facilitate that learning and learn right along with them. It is then that us teachers can go home feeling accomplished and then put our hearts, and our time into the other things that make up our life and create happiness for us and for the others around us.”

TpT Resolution 3: Reflect, Then Move Forward

  • Elementary Matters blogs about what she calls High/Lows where students take turns giving their daily high points and low points. She reflects back on her busy and eventful 2013 and makes some attainable goals for 2014.
Create-Abilities: What's in store
New Year’s Resolutions and Goals Freebie!: Create-Abilities

TpT is so much more than an open market place for teachers. It’s a rich community of educators who are passionate about teaching and giving kids every advantage possible. It’s talented bloggers and entrepreneurs. It’s an all around great place to be and we look forward to seeing what 2014 brings!