Did you know the word January comes from the Latin word Ianua meaning door in reference to the door to the year? Here are six more Teacher-Authors who have crossed the TpT Milestone threshold. See some of what they have to offer below.

The year’s just getting started — welcome 2014. Let’s make this year our best yet TpT’ers!

6 TpT Milestone Teachers

First Grade and Fabulous: More Milestone Achievers
First Grade and Fabulous

1.  Ohio’s DeAnne Davis is First Grade and Fabulous

Try her: Be A reading Detective Mission #2: Consonant Digraphs

Her tip: “Phonics is an important part of my classroom. Though I enjoy creating meaningful centers and playing games with my students, I also like having something that can be used for morning work, homework, and extra practice. Creating the reading detective packs has really helped my learners. The packs are differentiated so that I can be sure I’m hitting the needs of all of my students.”


Kristen Vibas:More Milestone Achievers
Kristen Vibas

2.  Virginia’s Kristen Vibas

Try her: Animals Bundled! Adaptations, Food Chains & Habitats

Her tip: “This Animals Bundle, which focuses on adaptations, food chains, and habitats, includes lots of fun hands-on materials including games, sorts, flap books, graphic organizers, leveled reading passages, plus assessments, and a word wall. These content rich and differentiated resources will help to support all levels of learners in the class.”


Teach with Tracy: More Milestone Achievers
Teach with Tracy

3.  Missouri’s Teach with Tracy

Try her: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White: Characters, Plot, and Setting

Her tip: “We love using these novel studies in my 3rd grade classroom. My products cover Common Core Standards for 2nd grade through 5th grade. I love that these novel studies are versatile — you can use these studies as a whole or as smaller parts for differentiated instruction or when you are focusing on a specific reading strategy. While reading the book, I use these novel studies as a whole class activity, small group instruction, or as independent work. Sharing and reading with children are perhaps the most enjoyable and rewarding moments of my teaching career and I’m glad to share this joy with you!”


Teach With Laughter:More Milestone Achievers
Teach With Laughter

4.  Canada’s Laureen runs Teach With Laughter

Try her: Tens and Ones Mystery Pictures {Bundle}

Her tip: “Like all of you, I love seeing my students learning and engaged. My Tens and Ones Mystery Pictures Bundle can be used in so many ways to do just that — use in a sub tub, a math station, as early finisher work, morning work, or even whole class instruction. There are activities in this bundle to use throughout the year.”


Right Down the Middle with Andrea:More Milestone Achievers
Right Down the Middle with Andrea

5.  Georgia’s Andrea M. Bentley is Right Down the Middle with Andrea

Try her: January-June Writing Bundles

Her tip: “This bundle covers your journal writing and essay writing for half of the school year. Now is the perfect time to incorporate it into your class routine. It includes 120 journal prompts presented in two ways. One is to create a mini-journal with all the prompts for the month. The other is a cut-and-paste format. In addition to the journal prompts, there are 18 essay topics (6 informational, 6 argumentative, and 6 narrative) complete with the topic sheet/pre-writing organizer, drafting sheets, and a scoring rubric. Your students will love the topics, and you’ll love their writing!”


Sister Secrets: More Milestone Achievers
Sister Secrets

6.  From Michigan — Sister Secrets

Try their: Penguins: Perfect Penguin Pack

Their tip: “Our Perfect Penguins Pack is loaded to help teachers incorporate informational text and learning while having fun! Students will love learning more about these cool birds.”


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