Take a moment to get to know this wonderful bunch of Teacher-Authors. Read on as TpT welcomes May and this month’s first batch of milestone teachers.

TpT May Milestones: 7 Stupendous Educators

Kathleen Bing: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers

1. Say hello to New York’s Kathleen Bing

Try her: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying + Dividing Decimals Interactive Notebook Pages

Her tip: “So much of what I teach in middle school relies on a strong understanding of operations with decimals. The interactive notebook pages and activities in this product allow students to explore decimal operations using various methods, including visual models, estimation, and standard algorithms. I’m always excited to see my students comprehend and apply these fundamental skills.”


Kindergarten Lifestyle: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers

2. Jeannie Partin from Texas is Kindergarten Lifestyle

Try her: “Seafari” Ocean Research Unit for Kindergarten

Her tip: “Real learning can and should be fun! Immerse your students in the ‘under the sea’ world — bring the sea into the classroom using trade books, crafts, and real-life related items. Your students will learn authentic research skills and have a ton of fun doing it!”


Addie Williams: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers
3. From British Columbia, Canada it’s Addie Williams

Try her: End of Year Literacy Activities – “Time Flies…”

Her tip: “I know how busy the end of the school year can be for teachers — field trips, testing, sports days. So I’ve developed a set of literacy activities to keep students focused and learning right up until the year ends. The activities are easy to differentiate and appeal to a wide variety of grade levels (4-8). Students enjoying reflecting on their year in these creative literacy activities and start to think ahead to their next grade level. There are over 10 different activities in this package, and everything’s included — you can get started right away!”


What I Have Learned: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers

4. Meet Jessica Boschen from California — She runs What I Have Learned

Try her: Are you SMART? Setting SMART Goals

Her tip: “I strive to help my students be the best they can be at school and in the world around them. Helping students realize that they can become responsible for their own learning by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals empowers them to be active learners in the classroom. Their on-task behavior shows that they are striving to do their best work to meet their goals. S.M.A.R.T. goal setting can be done for both academic and behavior goals as well as for individuals, groups, or whole class. It can be infused throughout the school day for a wide range of purposes. Students learn to persevere and celebrate their achievements. They become successful learners.”


Dancing Crayon Designs: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers

5. Denise from Victoria Australia is Dancing Crayon Designs

Try her: Alphabet: Color FUN! Alphabet Clip Art

Her tip: “If you’re looking to spruce up your classroom or your TpT products, these bright and colorful letters will make your cover pages and displays really POP. A full set is included in each fun color so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Have fun splashing some color around!”


Jennifer Hier: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers

6. From Ohio (but moving to Texas!), it’s Jennifer Hier

Try her: The Hungry Frog: An Interactive Counting Book for Preschool and Early Childhood

Her tip: “I love this product because it’s so versatile and children really enjoy using the interactive book. I love showing kids how to ‘feed’ the frogs as they practice counting, composing/decomposing numbers, and basic addition. On top of reinforcing math concepts, the book is a great emergent reader and can be used as a fun fine motor exercise.”


Sara Oberheide: TpT Welcomes May and More Milestone Teachers

7. Meet Sara Oberheide from Lawrence, Kansas

Try her: End of Year Memory Books

Her tip: “Memory books are a great end-of-year activity for kids! My students love remembering all of the fun times we had throughout the year. Plus, you can use the memory books year after year as a nice keepsake to send home on the last week of school!”


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