We recently wrapped up our “TpT Love” Video Contest (hosted on our Facebook page), in which we tasked TpT’ers with a single challenge: create a video “commercial” for us! We asked that the videos be hosted on YouTube and submitted within a time frame, but we left the content guidelines fairly open-ended in order to make room for creativity and originality.

From there, we waited for the entries to roll in — and were so excited each time a new submission came our way! We excitedly watched the videos, feeling so empowered and inspired by each one. We then had the difficult task of choosing 15 finalists to be published to the voting area on our Facebook page. We opened up voting to the entire community, and at the end of the week, we had our first prize, second prize, and third prize (TpT panel vote) winners. We asked our Facebook followers to join us in congratulating them, which we’d love for you to join in on here.

We also wanted to show the remaining finalists some much-deserved appreciation and love because we seriously believe they’re all winners. Some made us laugh, others made us cry, and some were so well-made that we wouldn’t be surprised if a few professional video-editors are among the finalists!

Without further ado, we present to you the TpT Love Video Contest Awards:

TpT Video Contest Winner: Right Down the Middle with Andrea

Second Place Winner: Teresa Kwant

Most Genuine Story: Penelope’s Portfolio

Most Inspirational: Educating Everyone 4 Life

Best Dance Moves: Ashley Bible

Most Creative Video: Karen Morris

Superb Storytelling: Teaching in the Tongass (TpT Voting Panel Pick)

YouTube Master: Kayse Morris (TpT Voting Panel Pick)

Most Empowering: Lindsay MacLellan

Most Amazing Story: Susan Traugh

Best Acting: Jadyn Thone

Incredible Teacher Award: Leni Shaw

Best Footage: Nita Marie’s Classroom Creations

Creative Songwriting: SING-PLAY-CREATIVELY

Most TpT Love: Kimberly Geswein

Outstanding Original Lyrics: Olivia Gold from Creative English Classroom

Dance and Smile Inducing: Steven Traugh of Music to the Core
Click link to watch video.


Congratulations, one and all. It’s your stories and your voices that have helped to build the dynamic community that is TpT.