Can you imagine a better conference than the one we just had in Las Vegas? There were so many great moments — the warmth and excitement was palpable.

Social Media!

SocialMediaWhat would TpT look like without the power of social media? So many of our Teacher-Authors have blogs, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, Twitter accounts — you name it, they do it! In fact, entire presentations were focused on maximizing store impact using social media effectively.

A Keynote Not To Be Forgotten


The Keynote was inspired — just look at those faces and smiles! Starting with Amy’s enthusiasm, moving on to Paul’s humble and hysterical account of TpT’s early days. Then Deanna’s motivational encouragement and onto John’s statistics.

And then finally, the most important part of Team TpT:


There’s no way to express how supremely awesome the day was! We hope y’all will consider attending next year to experience it for yourselves — oh indeed, there WILL be a another conference. Please check out these blog posts individual Teacher-Authors wrote conveying their experiences in words and pictures:

Silly Shot


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