Hey Everyone! TpT is in the news!

PandoDaily has a sweet story on our favorite site:

Teachers are earning millions of dollars selling their lesson plans on the “iTunes of education”

TpT in the News
TpT in the News

Here’s a quote from the story that features Paul Edelman, TpT’s Founder:

“But it’s about more than the money, Edelman assures me. Even teachers that only sell a few lesson plans get some gratification from sharing their work. ‘It feels great to know that other teachers and students around the country and world are benefiting from their teaching ideas,’ he says.” Nice and so true!

In case you’re wondering, Wikipedia says that PandoDaily is “a web publication that offers technology news, analysis, and commentary, with a focus on Silicon Valley and startup companies. It bills itself as ‘the site of record for Silicon Valley.'”

We’d love for you to share this story. Let’s make November 2013 the month that every teacher out there learns about TpT!!!

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