Well, wow.

The biggest surprise about Vegas was that our TpT’ers are even more lively, delightful, spirited, and colorful in person than they are online. How is that even possible?!?

One week ago John and I went to Las Vegas to meet TpT sellers and buyers. The whirlwind trip can only be described as… awesome.

Here’s how it all went down. The pre-conversation was something like:

John and Amy: “It’s a really far way to go. We’d love to meet our TpT’ers but we’re so busy with exciting stuff for them for back to school.”

TpT Founder Paul: “You should go.”

John and Amy: “I mean, so many sellers and buyers are going to be there. It’s seems like a great opportunity, but we haven’t even bought tickets yet.”

Paul: “Hello? Gooooooo.”

And so? We went!

John Yoo and Amy Borrell Berner from TpT
(Photo by Natalie Kay)

And we’re so glad we did. The main event for us was the Teacher Blogger Meet-Up organized by Rachelle and Natalie with lots of help from Deedee, Kathleen, Hope, Erica, Kim, Deanna, and Cheryl, where we had the  pleasure of meeting many TpT sellers and some buyers too.

TpT supplied the wine, beer, and cookies (where were those? I think they went fast), plus gift certificates and stickers, but it was the teachers who supplied the festive atmosphere. We could not stop smiling (see photo evidence above).

If you want to check out great photos plus lots of fun dispatches from the conference and meet-up, take a look at What the Teacher Wants Vegas Linky Party.

We were both touched to hear how TpT has changed teachers lives in so many ways:

  • Making you into more confident teachers,
  • inspiring deep friendships and collaborations,
  • and transforming how many teachers feel about your profession.

We walked away overwhelmed by the positivity and energy. Simply put, we were seriously impressed.

The next morning, we had just enough time before flying back to attend SDE sessions by Deanna and Kim. (SDE was kind enough to register us as guests at their conference. And let me tell you, these folks know how to put on a great conference! But back to the sessions.)

Deanna presented on Guided Reading and Kim did early intervention for at-risk kindergarteners. Both of their sessions were filled with easy-to-adopt practical tips, examples of how they set up their room and their day, and lots and lots of good humor. These professionals seriously knocked our socks right off.

We wish we had been able to see Deedee, Kathleen, and Cara present, as well as any other TpT’ers who took to the stage. It was also fun to visit The Primary Techie, KinderLit, and Hilary Lewis from Rockin’ Teacher Materials in the exhibitors hall.

We honestly met so many fantastic TpT’ers, it completely convinced us that we need to meet more of you. Our brains are buzzing with ideas. Stay tuned, fantastic TpT community.