“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Yes, it’s true. Teachers do that. YOU do that. And for that, we thank you.

May 5 kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to pay homage to educators for all that you do to impact the lives of children. Here at Teachers Pay Teachers, we feel every week should be Teacher Appreciation Week. After all, teachers are constantly educating, enlightening, nurturing, and inspiring their students. Even so…

Teacher Appreciation Week is a pretty nifty opportunity for teachers to receive well-deserved recognition for their tireless and terrific efforts and achievements.

Since we love our TpT’ers so much, we certainly couldn’t let this week go by without a little celebration. So get your wish lists ready… because our “TpT Hearts Teachers” sitewide sale begins this Tuesday, May 6 at 12:01AM (ET) and continues on through 11:59PM (ET) on Wednesday, May 7! That’s 48 hours to save big!

We’re so super excited (inside scoop: We are actually doing a happy dance right now!) This sale is just another way of giving a great big thanks to you.. and you… and you… and you.

We Asked: How do Teachers make a positive difference in the world each and every day?

The response was heartfelt and inspiring, and includes:

Teachers make a difference for students by…

1. Practicing empathy and remembering what it was like to be their age. – Christine

2. Helping them realize that their best is good enough, but that they should never give anything less. – Tracey

3. Igniting a passion about something, anything, by showing them what it looks like. – Jennifer

4. Listening without judging. Sometimes our most important lessons are not what we teach in front of the class. – Erica

5. Showing them that making a mistake is part of learning. – Shelly

6. Teaching them to think critically, value education, work hard, and have fun doing it. – Shelita

7. Laughing with them! – Lisa

8. Bringing real life into the classroom with connections and teachable moments. – Sanda

9. Demonstrating kindness and compassion each and every day, and building a love for learning. – Marilyn

10. Showing students that they are capable of almost anything if they try, persist, and accept guidance. Helping them cope with the difficulties that life can throw their way. – Glenda

11. Helping them realize their true worth. – Julie

12. Being a smiling face each day and providing them with much-needed consistency! – Molly

13. Creating an environment conducive to learning, belonging, and feelings of acceptance. – Rudaiba

14. Doing our best to reach each child by finding something to connect with them about! Each child is unique and learns differently. It is our job to discover how to awaken interest and capture their attention. – Caroline

15. Showing them hope. Yes, life can be a struggle. But we can show them hope. – Jonathan

16. Using positive reinforcement. Helping children realize they can do it. We are there to nurture students and guide them. – Rhonda

17. Offering wisdom and love, especially to those who may not receive it at home. – Amanda

18. Modeling life-long learning. – Rosemary

19. Accepting, respecting, and teaching the whole child. – Shelley

20. Always having a hug handy, or a listening ear, or a tissue, or time for a private conversation. Kids trust that we’ll know what they need. That’s something very powerful, and with that comes great responsibility. – Tonya

We are impressed, touched, and we couldn’t agree more.

American journalist Andy Rooney said, “Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.”

Thousands! Imagine? That’s something remarkable.

TpT Hearts Teachers… A lot!

Here’s to you, Teachers. Here’s to Teacher Appreciation Week, and here’s to our “TpT Hearts Teachers” sale that starts this Tuesday, May 6 at 12:01AM (ET) and lasts through Wednesday, May 7 at 11:59PM (ET). 

Who’s in? Ready your wish list and get set to save!

(Thanks to Phyllis Harris for the fab FREE Clip Art for Teachers in the feature image.)