TpT is a global community. The bushfires currently burning across Australia are the worst in the country’s history. Time and time again when the going gets tough, the TpT community comes together to support those in need. And we are so inspired by how quickly TpT Teacher-Authors and the wider teacher community have mobilized to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The impact and damage of the bushfires has affected thousands, and it has left many children in need. In the days and months to come, children will need safe spaces to cope, process their experience, and feel like they can be kids again.

In the wake of this unprecedented disaster, TpT is launching a #TpTGivesBack campaign to help children who have been impacted. For any donation you make to Save the Children, TpT will match donations, up to $10,000, through February 10th. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Make a donation to Save the Children and TpT will make a donation of our own.
  • Get your donation matched. Use this form to submit your donation receipt on or before February 10th. TpT will match donations up to a total of $10,000. (Receipts may be dated starting from January 1st and extending through February 10th).
  • Help spread the word. Use the hashtag #TpTGivesBack to let your friends know how you’ve contributed and encourage them to take part in TpT’s matching program.

Let’s come together and help support children. 

Photo taken by Teacher-Author Music Teacher Resources: “A mother kangaroo and her joey taking shelter from yesterday’s horrific conditions under a tree in our front yard.”

More Ways You Can Make a Difference

Dozens of Teacher-Authors have organized to support Australian Bushfire Relief. This group of Teacher-Authors will donate earnings from their TpT stores to the recognized charity of their choice. Search #AusTeacherBFR on to browse resources that will suit your students while also making a difference. (Note: This is a fantastic Teacher-Author run initiative. TpT will not be able to verify donations. If you have any questions or need support, we recommend reaching out to the Teacher-Authors directly.)

If you’re looking for more information on how you can support relief efforts, this blog post by Teaching Products, a TpT Teacher-Author from Australia, has a list of ways that teachers around the world can offer their help.

Resources to Support Students

Here are resources that can help support students in and out of the affected regions:



Checking in with Students

No matter the event, TpT’ers do everything they can to provide support, help, and hope — especially when it comes to situations involving students and fellow educators.