This is the second in a monthly series of blog posts based on the findings from our Education, Content, and Insights team about teachers’ experiences during this unprecedented school year. For October, we dove deeper into the challenges that teachers are facing in delivering instruction.

Finding: Teachers are finding it more challenging to engage their students.

Overall, nearly one-third of educators (30%) stated that their biggest challenge in terms of delivering instruction this year was engaging their students, followed by differentiating instruction (21%) and managing schedules (13%). Of those teachers who indicated that student engagement was their biggest challenge, 36.9% are teaching students fully remotely and 28.5% are teaching in a hybrid model.

When asked about which tactics were the most effective in engaging students this year, teachers most often cited the following: videos, digital slides or decks, hands-on activities, engaging visuals, small group instruction and work, interactive lessons and activities, and digital games.

A word cloud showing the tactics most often cited by teachers for student engagement.

Other findings

As the school year moves forward, we’re continuing to track teacher confidence. This month, teachers’ reported level of confidence increased to the highest level we’ve seen so far this school year, with 43% of teachers saying that they felt confident they could provide effective instruction and 17% saying that they were not confident.

Learn more about how teachers are collaborating differently this year in our September report, and check back next month for our November findings.

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