The TpT Conference 2014: Supercharge Seller Success coming up in Las Vegas in July will be a unique opportunity to trade tips, swap strategies, form friendships, and learn how to take your TpT store to the next level. The conference will kick off with a keynote from TpT Founder Paul, TpT CEO and Partner John, and TpT Top Seller Deanna Jump. Then it’s off to a designed-by-you day of exciting and engaging sessions followed by happy hour hosted by Team TpT!

The conference is open to Premium Sellers only, so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading, now is the perfect time! Don’t miss this opportunity to make solid connections with Sellers/session presenters including…

Erica Bohrer: TpT ConferenceErica Bohrer

She’s hosting “Your Blog Questions, Answered” along with Cara Carroll, Deedee Wills, Elizabeth Hall, and Greg Smedley

She’ll also present Q is for Quality: Up the Value of Every Resource You Create” along with Cara Carroll

Erica is a 1st grade teacher from Long Island, NY. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. She’s been a TpT Seller since 2008 and was featured in the 2009 New York Times article about TpT. She has a degree in Literature and Rhetoric from Binghamton University and a Masters in Elementary Education from Dowling College.

Her resources include:
Long Vowel i Literacy Centers
Birthday Themed Read/Search/Write the Room for Short and Long A (free)

Cara Carroll: TpT ConferenceCara Carroll

She will present “Your Blog Questions, Answered” along with Erica Bohrer, Deedee Wills, Elizabeth Hall, and Greg Smedley

She’s also hosting “Q is for Quality: Up the Value of Every Resource You Create” along with Erica Bohrer

Cara has 12 years of teaching experience in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. She’s currently in her ninth year of teaching Kindergarten! She’s been a Seller on TpT since 2011 and feels blessed to be part of such an amazing community of talented educators. She’s passionate about creating hands-on materials that engage students and save teachers time. She feels there’s no greater feedback than hearing how her materials were loved by both students AND teachers!

What is she looking forward to most at the conference?
“While I’m so excited to learn from some of the most amazingly talented Sellers, I have to say that I’m most excited to meet the faces behind the products during this summer’s TpT conference. I’m thrilled not only to meet the presenters, but to meet the Sellers attending the conference as well! There’s just something really powerful and inspiring about being around educators who love to learn and create and share their talents with teachers and kids around the world. I feel so humbled and honored to be part of such an innovative, game-changing concept. I LOVE TpT!”

Her resources include:
It’s A Spring Thing! – Interactive Math Printables
Color Pals Writing Craftivity (free)

Elizabeth Hall- Kickin' it in Kindergarten: TpT ConferenceElizabeth Hall from Elizabeth Hall- Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

She’ll head up “Your Blog Questions, Answered” along with Erica Bohrer, Cara Carroll, Deedee Wills, and Greg Smedley

Elizabeth has taught Kindergarten for five years and loves sharing ideas with teachers both at her school and throughout the country. She made the decision to jump into the land of blogging the day she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Assessment. TpT has offered more opportunities for her to share her ideas and classroom strategies with other teachers. She is passionate about connecting with other teachers and believes that creating products and blogging has made her a better and more effective teacher. She is the author of the blog Kickin’ it in Kindergarten.

What would she say to a Seller who feels he or she already has the basics down and doesn’t really need the sessions?
“Technology is always changing and there is always a way to be better or make your life a little easier. If you want to stand out, the basics simply won’t cut it anymore.”

Her resources include:
Weather for Little Learners
Make it Equal {Freebie}


Kindergarten Smorgasboard: TpT ConferenceGreg Smedley from Kindergarten Smorgasboard

He will host “Your Blog Questions, Answered” along with Erica Bohrer, Cara Carroll, Deedee Wills, and Elizabeth Hall

Greg has been a teacher for eight years, and the last five years he has spent in his favorite place — the kindergarten classroom. He shares tons of ideas for making the classroom experience bright, happy, and hands on through his blog, Smedley’s Smorgasboard Of Kindergarten. Greg is also one of the Top TpT Sellers in Tennessee. He lives in Nashville with his husband and their goldendoodle, Butters.

What unique attributes or experiences does he feel he brings to the table as a presenter?
“As a male kindergarten teacher who loves glitter, I bring a unique perspective to teacher blogs and Teachers Pay Teachers. Men in elementary are rare but men in early childhood grades are extremely rare and elusive. But we do exist. As a presenter and blogger, I bring my unique and open male voice to the teaching universe! In my blog and creations, you will hear my voice and passion and see the good and bad of all that I do!  My motto is be yourself and let you shine in all you do!”

His resources include:
Plantin’ Seeds! A Common Core Aligned Research Creation!
Subtracting Monkeys! A Common Core Aligned Freebie!

Rachel Lynette: TpT ConferenceRachel Lynette: TpT ConferenceRachel Lynette

She’s presenting “Build Your Magnet Marketing Plan”

She’s also the host of “Products for Grades 2-5: Create A+ Resources” along with Laura Candler

Rachel was one of the very first Teacher-Authors to open a store on TpT. She’s recently become somewhat obsessed with Task Cards. Currently she is the all-time number one Seller in the Grades 3-5 category and the number two Seller site-wide. In addition to creating teaching resources, Rachel is also the author of over 120 nonfiction books for children as well as several teacher-resource books. Rachel has taught in a variety of classroom settings, primarily with GAT populations. She received her BA and teaching certificate from Western Washington University.

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“My main goal as a presenter is to make sure that you walk away inspired, with a ton of ideas to improve your products and marketing. Product creation and marketing are both big topics. I am confident that even Sellers who have been at it for years will come away with new strategies. I want my sessions to be fun as well as informative.”

Her resources include:
Tile Tangle Task Cards! Engaging Word Game with Differentiated Response Sheets
BOOM! A Game to Play with Task Cards: FREE!

Miss Kindergarten Love: TpT ConferenceHadar Maor from Miss Kindergarten Love

She’ll be teaching “Beginning Blogging: It’s Serious Business!”

Hadar Maor, better known as Miss Kindergarten, began her teaching career as a kindergarten teacher and instantly fell in love. She started her award-winning teaching blog almost four years ago as a way to share her trials, tribulations, and fun creations. Shortly after, she began sharing her unique and creative units on TpT and quickly became a Top Seller. Her seasonal crafts and center activities are some of her most popular items.

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“Ever since I began blogging and selling on TpT, I have been SO passionate about it. I will talk about my blog and store to anyone who will listen! My main goal as a presenter is to share my passion toward blogging and TpT and encourage others to feel just as passionate. I am very approachable and I hope people will feel comfortable asking questions and learn how to become successful in their blogging and selling endeavors.”

Her resources include:
Super Word Work BUNDLE {games and printables}
Five Little Birdies {subtraction story} (free)

Michele Luck's Social Studies: TpT ConferenceMichele Luck’s Social Studies

She’s presenting “Products for Middle and High School: Make Sensational, Successful Secondary Creations” along with Jennifer Smith-Sloane

Michele has over 15 years of secondary teaching experience in Middle and High School. Over the past two years, Michele has traveled the United States with her husband, exhibiting and presenting at teacher conferences on the great resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers. Her TpT store provides hundreds of resources that help teachers around the world bring fun and learning into their secondary classroom.

What does she feel a Seller will get out of being at the conference rather than just learning on his or her own? 
“When I started teaching years ago, I learned quickly that collaboration is the key! While we all know our content and have mastered the basics in creating products, we can create even better products and reach even more teachers through the collaboration we will experience this July. TpT has become so much more than a teacher marketplace; it is a network of experienced teachers sharing what they know works best in their classrooms and beyond. Meeting up with so many great minds at this conference will be the highlight of my summer!”

Her resources include:
United States Complete Primary Source Analysis Bundled Set Civil War- Modern Day
Spin the States Game! Great Geography Review of the Unites States (free)

4mulaFun: TpT ConferenceJennifer Smith-Sloane from 4mulaFun

She’s hosting “Products for Middle and High School: Make Sensational, Successful Secondary Creations” along with Michele Luck

Jennifer has been an educator for 10 years with experience in elementary, middle school, and college. Math has been her passion since a young age which no doubt resulted in her secondary math-teaching career. Currently Jennifer is a Differentiated Curriculum Designer and Presenter traveling the nation to train teachers on the effectiveness of Interactive Notebooks and Differentiation in the classroom. When she is not traveling and training she lives in a Dallas, TX suburb with her husband Michael and their two dachshunds.

What would she say to a Seller who feels he or she already has the basics down and doesn’t really need the sessions? 
“When I began to work with other Sellers, I was able to form a bond in the community. Not only that, the mastermind of putting all of us together truly made ideas flow from one another, and we all benefited. Attending sessions will likely form bonds you never thought could exist and therefore also build friendships within the community of the TpT Marketplace.”

Her resources include:
Left, Right, Answer- A New Take on Using Task Cards in your Classroom
FREEBIE Properties of a Circle Flippable (Foldable) and Exit Ticket


Lindsay Perro: TpT ConferenceLindsay Perro

She’s presenting “TpT Fulltime: I Did It and So Can You”

As a teacher, Lindsay found herself frustrated with the restraints of textbooks and the lack of engaging resources that accompanied them. After being transferred to a Math Intervention position, everything changed. Without a set curriculum, she was able to create fun, engaging, and relevant resources that met the needs of her students. At the urging of a co-worker, in October 2009 she listed her first resource on TpT. What began as a hobby, providing her with coffee money each month, has grown into Lindsay’s full time career, bringing her more joy and satisfaction than she could have ever dreamed possible.

What does she feel a Seller will get out of being at the conference rather than just learning on his or her own? 
“I think the #1 thing a Seller will get out of the conference is the feeling of community. Until now, the majority of Sellers have not come face to face with one another. We all ‘work’ together in this virtual world where we can easily feel very disconnected. Coming together and putting faces to names while being able to communicate in ‘the real world’ is going to be very powerful! Learning online isn’t the same as learning in person. At the conference, Sellers will be able to ask questions, receive immediate feedback, and be actively involved in the learning process!”

Her resources include:
Summer Logic Puzzle Bundle
6th Grade Math Common Core Mini Review (free)

Mel D-Seusstastic: TpT ConferenceMelissa Dillard from Mel D-Seusstastic

She’ll be teaching “Advanced Pinterest: Take Your Pinning to the Next Level”

Melissa (aka Mel D) is a teaching blogger, 1st grade teacher, and a TpT Top Seller. When she isn’t teaching or blogging, she’s “pinning.” She is known as a “Pinterest Celebrity” according to After graduating from college the first time, she worked for Chicago Tribune as an advertising executive. She quit a prestigious job and went back to school to follow her dream of teaching elementary children. After reaching a personal goal of receiving her Master’s Degree in Education, she started a blog called Seusstastic. She established a large teacher following, joined an up-and-coming site called Teachers Pay Teachers, and the rest is history.

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“My main goal is to provide what has worked for me on my journey as a blogger/TpT Seller. I believe a HUGE part of my success has been thanks to Pinterest (my main source of traffic) and collaborating with bloggers/TpT Sellers with the same goals. We pin for each other and collaborate several times a day. The love of education and our students coupled with our drive and creativity is very powerful. We are part of something very unique and are fortunate to share our ideas with teachers around the world. We all have the same goal in mind, and collaboration is a key to success.”

Her resources include:
The Ultimate Writing Station
Just Right Bookmark FREEBIE

Lovin Lit: TpT ConferenceErin Cobb from Lovin Lit

She’s heading up “Ready, Set, Grow: Accelerate Your Store’s Success”

In February 2013, Erin opened her TpT store on a whim. Within six months, she was on the weekly Top 10 Seller’s List. She’s been teaching since 2003 and has taught all grades 1st-8th. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology. She currently teaches 6th-8th grade reading in southwest Louisiana. She is also a wife and mother of 3 busy boys and she blogs about her teaching ideas and style at I’m Lovin’ Lit.

What is she looking forward to most at the conference?
“I have my schedule planned out and can’t wait to immerse myself and soak up the information from so many amazing Sellers! I am most looking forward to meeting friends. I have made such special friendships through TpT and other Seller-friends are a MUST in this business. This conference is the ticket to putting faces to names. The TpT conference is the BIG event, but it’s also one of many! There are dozens of meet-ups, lunches, and dinners planned around the conference. Las Vegas is going to be TpT Central! Oh, and I’m excited for happy hour, too!”

Her resources include:
Informational Text CLOSE READING Passage Pack for Interactive Notebooks 4-8
Interactive Poetry Notebooks ~ FREE Bonus Lesson: Poetic Sound Devices


First Grade Blue Skies: TpT ConferenceJennifer White from FirstGradeBlueSKies

She will host “Make Your Product POP”

Jennifer considers herself lucky enough to be a teacher. She has 17 years of teaching experience, primarily in grades K-1. She has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and received her National Board Certification in 2003. Currently, Jennifer teaches 1st grade and authors the blog First Grade Blue Skies. She began her career with TpT in 2011 and says, “It has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!”

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“My goal for the people that attend my session is that they discover new ways to create products that stand out. I want them to walk away with a ton of ideas and resources that become useful tools for making their products POP! They will have fun while benefiting from all the things I’ve learned through trial and error over the last three years. I want them to leave my session saying, ‘Wow, I can’t wait to get home and start creating new and unique products for TpT!'”

Her resources include:
Math Common Core Question of the Day for First Grade
Happy, Fluffy, Stuffed Cloud FREEBIE Craftivity & Printables

Feeling pretty inspired, right? Meet even more presenters here!

Register for the TpT Conference right here. And consider starting out your trip with “I Teach K!,” “I Teach 1st!,” “Differentiated Instruction,” or “Singapore Math Strategies” offered by SDE on July 7-10. Learn about the SDE National Conferences.