Few things in life are certain, but how’s this for one? The TpT Conference 2014: Supercharge Seller Success coming up in July will absolutely, positively, most definitely be incredible. Hundreds and hundreds of TpT’ers will gather in Las Vegas to trade tips, swap strategies, form friendships, and learn how to take their TpT stores to the next level.

The conference will kick off with a keynote from TpT Founder Paul, TpT CEO and Partner John, and TpT Top Seller Deanna Jump. Then it’s off to a designed-by-you day of exciting and engaging sessions. You’ll emerge energized and inspired… just in time for happy hour hosted by Team TpT!

The conference is open to Premium Sellers only, so if you’ve been thinking about upgrading, now is the perfect time! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet so many Sellers face-to-face and truly learn from the best including…

Fluttering Through First Grade: TpT ConferenceChristy Button and Tammy Farhit are Fluttering Through First Grade

They’re hosting “A to Z With TpT: Master the Basics”

Christy and Tammy share everything! As teaching partners in Southern California for the past 12 years, and as co-owners of the blog and TpT store Fluttering Through First Grade, they do what teachers do best… collaborate! With over 35 years combined teaching experience etched in their plan books, taking their partnership to TpT seemed the next natural step. They took the leap over two years ago and haven’t looked back since!

What would they say to a Seller who feels he or she already has the basics down and doesn’t really need the sessions?
“‘Who dares to teach must never cease to learn’… Every good teacher knows this, and each dedicated TpT Seller does, too. It seems no matter how much we ‘think’ we know about TpT, there is always something more to learn. As joint TpT Sellers, we know firsthand that two brains are better than one. We’re excited to put our brains together to teach and continue learning with you! Our session is designed to meet Premium Sellers where they’re at, and take them through the basics and beyond.”

Their resources include:
Interactive Phonics Readers ~ ER (R-Controlled)
My Magic Egg ~ Creative Writing Activity for Developing Writers (free)


Created by MrHughes: TpT Conference

John Hughes from Created by MrHughes

He’ll present “Beginner Pinterest: Pin With the Best”

John is the creative mind behind Created by MrHughes. John is in currently in his 14th year of teaching upper elementary school and has a Masters of Educational Leadership. John has created and shared resources on TpT for nearly three years. Having worked with students from Kindergarten to Middle School, he strives to create hands-on and engaging activities that kids love. He appreciates the opportunities that TpT provides for himself, his wife, and their six amazing children. He also enjoys the network of colleagues he has acquired from around the world and looks forward to learning from and sharing with many more amazing educators in the years to come.

What is he looking forward to most at the conference?
“From the minute the conference was announced as a possibility, I knew I HAD to be there! Over the years, I’ve met and interacted with so many amazing educators/Teacher-Authors. I’ve been longing to meet them in person so I can say THANK YOU for inspiring me, cheering me on, or even being frustrated with me. I also look forward to sharing with good friends what I have learned about how to better my shop, in hopes that we can ALL become more successful in what we do. WAHOO!”

His resources include:
Literature Response Mobile Project {Optional Interactive Notebook Use}
Order Up! Spelling Patterns {Free}


Deanna Jump: TpT ConferenceDeanna Jump

She’s heading up “Products for PreK-1: Did I REALLY sell THAT!? Improving Our Products With a Critical Eye” along with Deedee Wills

Deanna is also speaking during the Keynote.

Deanna is an award winning teacher. She has taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for 18 years and holds an Ed Specialist degree in Early Literacy and Reading. Deanna has a passion for creating and sharing grade level appropriate units and activities that incorporate the Common Core Standards and make learning fun. She is the number one Seller for TpT and has been featured on CNN News, CBS this Morning, and the Steve Harvey Show.

Her resources include:
Chit Chat Messages, Close Reading Passages & More {zoo edition}
POP Sightword Game (free)

Deedee Wills: TpT Conference


Deedee Wills

She’ll present “Products for PreK-1: Did I REALLY sell THAT!? Improving Our Products With a Critical Eye” along with Deanna Jump

And “Your Blog Questions, Answered” along with Erica Bohrer, Cara Carroll, Elizabeth Hall, and Greg Smedley

Deedee is an experienced teacher, literacy coach, and presenter with a deep background in early childhood education. She’s a TpT Top 10 Seller and began selling with TpT in 2010. Deedee shares her weekly lesson plans, “Peek at my Week,” and other adventures in her busy Kindergarten classroom through her popular blog, Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.

Her resources include:
Bring on Spring!-Common Core Math and Literacy Activities
Math Fluency Pack for Small Groups-FREE


Jenn Kelley: TpT ConferenceJenn Kelley, TpT Copyright Advisor

She’s leading “Copyrights & Copywrongs: An Intellectual Property Primer for TpT Sellers” along with Amanda Nickerson

Jenn is an associate professor and librarian at the College of DuPage in Illinois. She holds an MFA in English and an MLS in Library Science, as well as two post-graduate certificates in intellectual property management. As a writer and educator, Jenn is interested in the many facets of intellectual property law, from the individual rights of creators to the fair use rights of those who use, remix, and build upon the content of others. In her role as Copyright Advisor at TpT, Jenn provides educational resources to Sellers to assist them in managing their own copyright and to ensure that Sellers have the opportunity to challenge fraudulent takedowns. In the process, she has learned a lot about the challenges of managing IP in teaching, learning, commerce, and where all three intersect.

One Extra Degree: TpT ConferenceAmanda Nickerson from One Extra Degree

She’ll be heading up “Copyrights & Copywrongs: An Intellectual Property Primer for TpT Sellers” along with Jenn Kelley

Amanda has been a classroom teacher for eight years and currently teaches language arts and social studies to 3rd and 4th grade students. She holds a Masters in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction, a reading endorsement, and is currently pursuing a gifted endorsement. She’s the author of the popular blog One Extra Degree and is a Top Seller on TpT. Amanda is the winner of an NEA award for her classroom-related Pinterest boards. Her involvement in the online community over the past five years has taught her a lot about fair use, copyright, running an ethical online business, and the importance of sharing unique ideas.

What does she feel a Seller will get out of being at the conference rather than just learning on his or her own? 
“Although I consider myself a very self-directed learner, there’s something to be said about the camaraderie felt during workshops. I LOVE being able to connect with presenters and the participants — teachers in the trenches like me. As far as TpT is concerned, I am so amazed at how quickly the site has taken off and how the bar for quality is continually raised. I am, personally, very excited to be surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about education and creating. I am looking forward to talking shop with other Teacher-Authors. I think we all have something to contribute, and when you have a plethora of creative minds all under one roof, magic is bound to happen!”

Her resources include:
Teach Me and I Remember: Task Boards for 3rd Grade CCSS Reading Standards
Community Helpers: ABC Order Center {Freebie!}


Hello Literacy: TpT ConferenceJen Jones from Hello Literacy and Hello Two Peas in a Pod

She’s teaching “Hello Buyers! Provide Top-Notch Customer Care for Your Buyers”

Jen is a K-12 Reading & Intervention Specialist who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jen has 21 years of teaching experience and opened her TpT store in May 2012. She blogs regularly about research-based best practices in literacy instruction and presents Common Core workshops to schools and districts throughout the United States. She grew up in Santa Barbara, California, has a Bachelor’s degree in English, a Master’s in Reading Education, and is Reading Recovery certified. She’s married with two teenage daughters, and will be celebrating her 20th anniversary this August in Paris. Her business, blog, and store name is Hello Literacy.

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“My goal as a presenter is to provide a fun, positive, and memorable learning experience for everyone. I play upbeat music and entertaining videos. I get participants up — moving and grooving, sharing and interacting — around the room. I create visually appealing slides and give ‘light bulb’ tips and tricks relevant to everyone. I laugh, tell stories, and have a good time. Attending a conference is time away from family, but it is also an investment with new professional networks, new knowledge, and new strategies as high yield returns.” 

Her resources include:
Hashtag Fluency: #fun #phrase #reading for #digitalnatives
{Are You a Text Talker?} Using the Language of Textual Evidence: ELA CCSS 1 (free)

Laura Candler: TpT ConferenceLaura Candler

She’ll lead “Winning at Facebook: How to Connect, Engage, and Inspire!”

She’ll also present “Products for Grades 2-5: Create A+ Resources” with Rachel Lynette

Laura is the creator of the Teaching Resources website, Corkboard Connections blog, and an active Facebook community with over 340,000 followers. A retired teacher with 30 years of classroom experience, Laura was honored as a Milken Family Foundation National Awardee for her exemplary accomplishments within the classroom and the larger educational community. She loves to develop educational resources and share them with others, both online in her TpT store and in her professional development sessions. Laura is currently serving as the 2014 President of the NC Association of Elementary Educators.

What is she looking forward to most at the conference?
“I’m most excited about networking with other fabulous educators at the conference! I’ve enjoyed getting to know Rachel Lynette better as we’ve worked on our presentation, and I can’t wait to meet her in person. I know many other Sellers from the forum and Facebook groups, and I find them to be truly inspiring! Even though I’ve been very successful on TpT, I have much more to learn. Attending this conference is an investment in my future, and I predict that those who attend will achieve unbelievable success. I want to be a part of that!”

Her resources include:
Plural or Possessive? Task Cards & More!
FREE Mystery Perimeters


Melonheadz: TpT ConferenceNikki Casassa from Melonheadz

She’s teaching “Rock Your Own Clip Art”

Nikki is the illustrator and owner of Melonheadz on TpT. Nikki has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her life as a Melonhead began five years ago as way to help provide for her family. She loves to create diverse graphics to help teachers around the world make their classrooms more colorful, fun, and engaging. Through a series of miracles, and a lot of help from her TpT friends, she is able to live her dream as a professional Illustrator.

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“My main goal as a presenter is to share what I have learned about making graphics. I really hope to answer questions and give those who attend my session some tips and tricks to make it easier to turn out user-friendly illustrations. Along with being able to draw a graphic, you need to find your own style, be mindful of copying, and be honest in your work.
TpT has given me an opportunity that I never could have dreamed up on my own! Being included in a small way in children’s education all over the world is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I am so excited to share what I do with my fellow TpT’ers!”

Her resources include:
Solar System bundle by Melonheadz
Classroom Rules Freebie by melonheadz

Julie Faulkner: TpT ConferenceJulie Faulkner

She’ll be hosting “Capture Common Core Completely”

Julie has taught English for over 10 years in secondary regular, advanced, and inclusion classrooms, as well as at the college level. Julie has a Master’s in English and an Ed.S. in Instructional Leadership. This past year, Julie worked as a trainer in ELA to help teachers implement Common Core in Tennessee. Topics of her recently published articles and presentations include teaching poetry, vocabulary, writing, and developing more rigorous and relevant lessons. The resources in Julie’s store are the ones she used with her students. They are “classroom-tested kid approved” and are designed with the teacher and student in mind.

What would she say to a Seller who feels he or she already has the basics down and doesn’t really need the sessions? 
“While the old saying ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ may be true, some of the best things about a conference are collaborating, gaining different perspectives, and sharing ideas. My take may be different from someone else’s, or I may be able to share from personal experience that could make an idea come to life or become more concrete. I always enjoy attending sessions and seeing examples because, at the very least, they provide little nuggets that can spark fresh ideas. In my session I will be discussing Common Core traits, but TpT Sellers and teachers alike (CC or not) will gain creative, classroom-tested ideas and tips that they can incorporate to enhance and improve any lesson and resource.”

Her resources include:
Elements of Drama Bingo Game Pack {Fun Vocabulary Review}
Creative & Purposeful Pre-Reading Activities for ELA: A Top Ten List {FREEBIE}


Ryan Van Meter: TpT ConferenceRyan Van Meter, TpT Head of Data

He’ll present “The Data Advantage: Optimize Your Store for Search and Success” along with Kelley Dolling

Ryan is TpT Head of Data, where he is responsible for improving search, developing new personalized features that help teachers discover the best products for their individual classroom, creating new tools to empower Sellers, and keeping the company updated on the state of the TpT marketplace.


Kelley Dolling - Teacher Idea Factory: TpT ConferenceKelley Dolling from Kelley Dolling – Teacher Idea Factory

She’s hosting “The Data Advantage: Optimize Your Store for Search and Success” along with Ryan Van Meter

Kelley is currently a 1st grade teacher in Northern California. She has experience in grades K-2 and truly feels at home in the primary classroom. Kelley operates Teacher Idea Factory — an elementary flavored teaching blog. Prior to her career in the classroom, Kelley graduated with a degree in journalism/public relations. She worked in the marketing sector for five years before realizing that she aspired to work with young children. Creating unique products for teachers, students, and TpT has proven to be the perfect melding of Kelley’s marketing and education degrees.

What’s her main goal as a presenter?
“My main goal as a presenter is simple. I want our attendees to walk away thinking, ‘That was so worth my time.’ Let’s face it… it’s your summer vacation, it’s your hard-earned cash that you just spent on conference fees, and there are pool cabanas calling your name. With this said, our presentation must provide useful data insight and killer technical secrets that you can easily implement into your TpT routine. Come and see us — we promise to provide oodles of data goodness that will help grow your business… while having a little fun in the process, too!”

Her resources include:
Play Dough Math – Common Core Centers
Picture Perfect Sentences {Freebie}


Pretty amazing folks, wouldn’t you say? Meet even more presenters here!

Register for the TpT Conference right here. And consider starting out your trip with “I Teach K!,” “I Teach 1st!,” “Differentiated Instruction,” or “Singapore Math Strategies” offered by SDE on July 7-10. Learn about the SDE National Conferences.