What She Teaches: 6th grade math, reading, and social studies

Her Top Fundraising Tip: Be confident! I know first-hand how hard it is to ask for help, but once you start sharing your page, you really start to see that people truly do want to help you. It just takes a little bit of confidence to share it with others!

Getting the resources for a fun and engaging year

As a 6th grade teacher, Kayla Durkin is responsible for teaching math, reading, and social studies. “I feel very confident in my math instruction, however, social studies and reading are not my strengths,” she says. “In order for me to feel confident in my instruction — and to ensure I am meeting the needs of my students, I find myself searching on TpT for a lot of reading and social studies activities that I can use in my classroom.”

When she first heard about TpT ClassFund, Kayla remembers being incredibly excited about the opportunities that the platform could provide for helping her purchase the resources she needed. “I knew there were a lot of friends, family, and even students’ parents who wanted to know how they could help me and my teaching endeavors,” she says. “This platform was finally a way for me to share about the amazing lessons and resources on TpT, as well as give them a way to help contribute!”

Having the courage to ask for support

Initially, when she created her TpT ClassFund page, she was nervous about how it would be received. “Sharing the needs of a teacher and being confident in expressing those needs was definitely challenging,” she says, “but I am so glad I had the courage to do so.” So, when she wrote her fundraising page and started promoting it, she made sure that the readers heard her voice within the post. “I wanted to share my story as a teacher,” she explains, “[along with] why TpT is so important to me, and how I planned to use the funds within my classroom.”

Teaching lessons that have a lasting impact

So far, she has used TpT ClassFund to purchase a few resources and activities for her classroom. “[One of the activities] that I purchased was for September 11th and it was more than I could have ever hoped for,” she says. “I truly felt like my students had a deeper understanding of the effects of 9/11 and that the resource I purchased left a lasting impact on them. It was also so awesome when the students took the products home and then came back the next day with stories about sharing what they made with their parents, and how their parents were humbled by the activity too.”

To learn more about Kayla’s plans for her classroom, check out her TpT ClassFund page.

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