Did you hear? Teachers Pay Teachers recently turned 3 million teachers strong! That’s a lot of amazing educators working hard to teach and inspire students. And we’re not just talking about teachers in a single country — we’re talking all over the world!

Find out here how TpT has changed the life of a teacher in Canada. And Spain. And the UK. And Australia. Take a moment to learn more about these Sellers who offer just a taste of…

TpT Around the World


EducasongMeet Educasong from the Middle East

What does she see as the advantages of bringing resources created internationally into U.S. classrooms?

“I’m originally from the UK, am married to an American, and am currently living in the Middle East. I’ve worked in schools in the UK, an IB (International Baccalaureate) school in Hawaii, and an international school with over 52 different nationalities here in Bahrain. My TpT experience has provided me with so many great opportunities and prompted me to take a more global view when creating my products. As an artist, I have the ability to communicate with students, no matter where they are from or what language they speak. Pictures are universal, and I try to use my personal experiences with many different cultures to reflect this in the clip art images I create.”

Here are a couple examples:
Math Manipulatives Fonts (grades PreK-6)
Kids Clip Art Bundle (grades PreK-6)

Lita LitaMeet Lita Lita from Spain

What does she see as her TpT niche?

“In the past years, I’ve worked in different grades (1-2), different schools, and with different textbooks. What did not change was the fact that textbooks and worksheets could not get my students motivated. This led me to start working with foldables and craftivities that could fit into a big unit. Most of these happen to just be small, fun activities that can be used as a revision, a center, or an evaluation. The students don’t need more than a session to complete them, and they love taking them home, hanging them in the corridor, or just adding them to their interactive notebooks. I’ve always had diversity in the classroom, so I try to make my resources adaptable and bilingual so they can be used in dual language programs.”

Two of Lita Lita’s favorite products:
FREE Odd & Even calculator creativity (grades K-3)
Animals Fold & Learn SUPER BUNDLE (grades 1-2)

Teacher's ToolkitHere’s Teacher’s Toolkit from the United Kingdom

How TpT has affected her life?

“TpT has affected my life immensely! Whilst it’s amazing to have the opportunity to earn extra money, this is really not the best bit! I have been on a roller coaster whirlwind romance for two years! Professionally, I love being able to collaborate with educators from around the world and to share teaching strategies and new ideas. I’ve recently introduced ‘oral writing’ to my class — this wouldn’t have happened without my TpT world. TpT came first and the rest followed! Personally, I have an avenue to satisfy my need to create, whether it be resources or graphics. TpT and everything associated with it has become a passionate hobby, and I feel so blessed to have accidentally stumbled across it while enduring another rainy Irish summer day!

Because of TpT, I have made so many incredible online friends who have become very dear to my heart — a trip to the U.S. in 2015 is already in the planning!  We share life’s ups and downs, as well as being an incredible professional support group for one another. How blessed am I?”

Check out these two terrific resources:
{Freebie} Note-worthy Newspaper Task Cards! (grades K-2)
Practice Makes Perfect! Handwriting Workbook: Read, Trace, Write, Draw (grades K-2)

Across the PondMeet Across the Pond from France

When asked about a typical teaching day…

“Salut from France! I teach 1st grade in an international school in Paris. It’s comprised of both a junior and a senior school (high school), so we have many ages of students mixed together. The children must all wear uniforms. On an average day, the children in the primary section change classes for an hour of French every day as well as music and art twice a week. These two classes, as well as the sports classes, are taught in French.
Because we are in the heart of Paris, we don’t have a dedicated play area, so we walk to a local park for daily outdoor time. Once a week, we go to a large sports facility for swimming and organized sports activities. As for our other subjects, it’s similar to everyone else: Literacy, Intensive English, Math, Science, and History. There are no yellow school buses in France (much to my surprise when I first arrived!).”

Take a look at two of her wonderful resources:
Graph Task Cards (free, grades 1-2)
Electricity Rocks – Printable Activities with QR Scan Code Activity (grade 1)

David McLeanMeet David McLean from Australia

What does he see as the advantages of bringing resources created internationally into U.S. classrooms?

“Education is a global community with fundamentally common goals. Sharing resources from other quarters of the world is a chance for diverse approaches and strategies to be discovered. The knowledge gleaned from experienced international teachers, who have had a different emphasis in their training or approach to the curriculum, broadens perspectives, and heightens awareness about how classroom delivery can be enhanced. We are less parochial in our outlook as we are able to see and experience alternatives that add to our own practice.

My King Lear Performance Soliloquy (grades 11-12, Higher Ed) is a free product that illustrates some of the approaches taken when learning ‘down under.’  For an Australian flavor, try The Man from Snowy River (grades 5-8), which is a reading of the famous poem along with some practical activities about the language. It’s a great introduction to Australian culture.

Teaching and TapasSay Hello to Teaching and Tapas from Spain

How TpT has affected her life?

“TpT has completely transformed my life as a teacher! I teach at an incredible international school in Madrid, Spain. In my first year at the school four years ago, we were told to begin implementing the Common Core standards. Like many teachers, learning how to teach these standards was a huge undertaking. So I felt like I discovered gold when I first stumbled upon TpT and found quality inexpensive resources shared by hardworking educators like me. This suddenly opened up so much free time, enabling me to enjoy my life in Spain instead of using every free moment to make my own resources for each lesson. Now, creating engaging resources is a hobby that I enjoy, and I feel like I can devote all the time needed to create something with the utmost quality and creativity.

Since I’ve become involved in TpT, I’ve developed an entirely new interest in Professional Development. I’ve taken every opportunity to learn more about the Common Core Standards, close reading, differentiation, using the workshop approach in the classroom, and more. Because of this, I feel like I am a much more effective teacher. One more benefit to selling my work on TpT is having a little extra income. Having just a bit more of a cushion in my budget has let me travel on weekend trips to Rome, Barcelona, or Paris, which is an absolute dream come true!”

Two examples of her favorite resources:
Close Reading – Compare and Contrast Two Texts FREEBIE (RI.2.9, RI.3.9) (grades 2-3)
3rd Grade Close Reading and Text Evidence – Informational Text (52 passages) (grade 3)

Mr JimmyMeet Mr Jimmy from Hong Kong

What does he see as the advantages of bringing resources created internationally into U.S. classrooms?

“There is a unique challenge where I work that I believe benefits American classrooms, or anywhere else for that matter. I work as an English teacher in Hong Kong for students whose first, second, or third language may or may not be English. All of these students are grouped into the same classrooms so the gap in their English ability can be quite wide. The challenge I face is how I can cater to to each and every one of them. Differentiating tasks is a given, but I’ve gone further by writing and illustrating my own reading material that can be enjoyed by young ones for its interactively transforming pictures but is sophisticated enough to gain the attention of adults. So I think what I bring to the table are resources that are multi-layered: easily digestible by early English language learners but challenging and/or sophisticated enough to be motivating for more abled students. Yet, still charming enough to entertain adults.”

Here’s an example of two resources that achieve this goal:
Literacy Mini Unit – Process Writing and Interactive Book • FREE • (grades 3-5)
Passport Reward System. Incentives Booklet. Printable Keepsake (grades 1-3)

Teach With LaughterHere’s Teach With Laughter from Canada

How TpT has affected her life?

“The day that I stumbled upon TpT was a huge day for my teaching career. I began as a buyer and found (and still find!) remarkable resources for my classroom. After a few months, I decided to open my own TpT store! My thinking was that I had so many creations in my room — perhaps there might be a few teachers interested in them, too. Since then, I’ve been amazed  at the number of people who use my products and visit my teaching blog. The friendships I have formed with teachers from across the U.S. and around the globe is something for which I will be forever grateful. I hope to meet them all one day (and would love to observe them in their classrooms.)

In my store, you’ll find products that I use in my own classroom. My I Spy word work activities are one of my most popular series. You can catch a sneak peek with my I Spy Sight Words (mini-pack FREEBIE) (grades K-1). Also, if you’re looking for no-prep, engaging, sub-tub ready activities to take you through the year, you might be interested in my ever-growing Tens and Ones Mystery Pictures {Bundle}.

Clever ClassroomMeet Clever Classroom from Australia

How has TpT affected her life?

TpT has affected my life in every way and I am not exaggerating. I was diagnosed with a life-altering illness that still sits with me after many years.  I can’t teach as I am not physically strong enough. I can sit at my computer for long periods, though, and this has resulted in a new way of life for me: My life on TpT!

I have gained so many dear friends from all around the world. I am empowered by being able to help very busy teachers save time and energy by supporting their program with resources and ideas. I have always made helping others a strong feature in my life and I feel like I have a platform and responsibility to help others via TpT and my social networking arenas.

If it was not for TpT, we would not be able to afford rent, pay our bills, purchase a van and then convert it for my husband’s power wheelchair, attend the TpT conference this coming July, and holiday around the U.S. for three weeks. We dreamed about being able to pay our bills and help my husband be able to leave the house. Now we have dreams about saving for a house. I can tell you these dreams only came true because of TpT. I do not worry about money now. I could not imagine where we would be without the realization of Paul’s dream. Good things come to those who dare to dream.

Try her:
FREE Class Attention Grabbers from our Facebook Fans – 2 pages (grades K-4)
Guided Reading Reminder Slips – Strategy and Skill Helpers (grades K-3)


Wow. Changing lives, near and far, for students and for teachers. That’s what TpT is all about, wouldn’t you say?

We are united through TpT. Let’s shrink the distance even more and meet in person at TpT Conference 2014: Supercharge Seller Success.

Beautiful Small Pen & Ink Globe featured in the top image by Pamela Kennedy.