On a laptop screen, a teacher speaks to a student

Feedback and positive reinforcement are essential elements of every classroom. In a remote learning environment, providing meaningful feedback to students and celebrating student wins can help keep your learners motivated and engaged with online learning. But how can you give feedback to students and celebrate their successes when you’re not physically in the same space? Check out these positive feedback and reinforcement ideas for a virtual classroom.

How to share feedback and positive reinforcement in an online learning environment:

  • Have good rubrics. [If you’re supporting distance learning,] you won’t be able to give students as much direction as you normally would during class because the feedback can’t always be instantaneous. Strive for rubrics that minimize questions and guarantee quality work.” — David Rickert
  • Written feedback through Google Classroom is effective as it shows a timestamp and keeps a clear record of all correspondence between teachers and students. Students are also able to monitor their progress and mark feedback as “complete” once they have acted on the targets set.” — Teachers Resource Force
  • Have virtual office hours! Let your students know when you are available for immediate feedback and help with projects.” — Yvonne Crawford

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Sharing feedback and celebrating success are key parts of keeping students motivated and engaged in an online classroom. And teachers like you are always coming up with new ideas to encourage student growth and celebrate wins. If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out the student feedback and positive reinforcement digital resources on TpT that can be used in your remote classroom.

This post originally appeared in TpT’s Back to School 2020 Guide: For Teachers Creating Tomorrow.