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Congratulations on beginning your journey towards becoming a licensed teacher! 

I wish you the best of luck during your student teaching experience. Student Teaching can be exhausting and stressful at times – but you will also find it very rewarding to work with students. By choosing to read this article, it means you care and you want to enter the field feeling prepared. It may also mean you are feeling anxious and you are uncertain of what to expect. 

If you’re looking for help or advice on how to THRIVE during your student teaching experience, read the tips below!

1. Accept that there will be times of being in “Survival Mode”. 

        Try to roll with the punches the best you can. Remember, student teaching is not indicative of what real teaching is. It will be very different with your own classroom and without college assignments and deadlines.
2. Do not dwell on lessons that did not go as planned. Try to learn from your mistakes and consider what could have gone better. Try to reflect on your lesson mindfully. Be kind to yourself. Try to implement what you have learned in your next lesson.
3. Balance your time the best you can. Carve out time for yourself so you avoid getting burned out. There will be times where you must complete student case studies or work portfolios, where important deadlines must be met. Be sure to reward yourself after completing these large projects! Make sure to spend time with your friends and family.  
4. Be over-prepared for your observed lessons.
       Have activities ready for early finishers. Be sure to watch the clock and your pacing. Make sure to provide differentiated resources for students and provide opportunities for everyone to participate. 
5. Get to know every student individually. Try your best to have all their names memorized by the end of the week. Make sure to differentiate learning for students who need it – EVERY child deserves the opportunity to succeed in the classroom!
6. Don’t be afraid to ask your host (master) teacher questions.
       The relationship between you and you host teacher is of utmost importance. It can make or break your Student Teaching experience. Try your best to build positive and professional relationship with your host teacher.

7. Get Organized and Set Daily Goals
       Set daily goals for yourself and try to stick to them. When I was in my program, it was easy to become overwhelmed looking at all the future assignments that were due.  A side note – I live in California and I had required CalTPA tasks that took weeks for me to complete. I had to break the task into smaller parts so I wouldn’t panic about the enormity of the assignment. What helped me the most is creating my own Student Teaching Binder. 
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources.
Inside my student teaching binder, I had interactive graphic organizer templates that I could add on to ANY existing lesson! This would create more engaging lessons and I always had them as a back-up plan if students finished their assignments early.  
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources.
My binder was also filled with Classroom Coupons and Brain Breaks to help with behavior management when needed. Even though I implemented the behavior management tools that my host (master) teacher already had set into place, I sometimes needed something extra to motivate the students (especially during the observed lessons!). 
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources. 
Inside my binder, I had TONS of schedule and planning pages. I would have a weekly planner for my program assignments and a separate weekly planner for my classroom placement. I had binder tabs and divider pages for every subject. I used different sections for student case study assignments, my portfolio, and the CalTPA tasks (a teaching requirement only in California).
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources.
There is no doubt that my student teaching binder played a large role in my successful student teaching experience. I felt organized and prepared for the journey. It was reassuring having teaching resources, behavior management strategies, and class schedules all in one place. 
I kept all my digital files from my binder and created a resource that I felt aspiring teachers could utilize for their own journey! 
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources.
The Ultimate Kit for Student Teaching includes all the resources I mentioned above. 
This kit includes 2 Files – 1 Editable Teacher Binder (You can edit all text to fit your needs!) and 1 Non-Editable (270 pages total!)

Contents Included: 

-3 Different Style Binder Covers & Spines, Binder Tabs
-Everything I Wish Someone Told Me About Student Teaching
-The Basics on Student Teaching
-Student Teaching Checklist
-Example of a Formal Lesson Plan Template
-Your Role in the Classroom
-The Relationship with Your Host (Master) Teacher
-Classroom Management Tips
-Tips for Planning the BEST LESSONS
-What to Have Inside Your Teacher Bag
-Cover Pages for Subjects, Classroom Observations, Portfolio, Class Schedule, Student Case Studies
-Lesson Planning Pages
-Teaching Activities
-Fun Story Starters
Over 30 pages of graphic organizers to help you create fantastic lessons
-Classroom Coupons
-Brain Breaks
-Rainy Day Activities

More from this resource:  
Tips on how to create lessons that will WOW your master teacher!
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources.
How to THRIVE as a Student Teacher. I Love Tips #2 & #7!! Student Teaching Binder & Survival Kit Resources.
1 of the 3 Student Teaching Binder covers & spines to choose from! 
For those of you who are either currently in the credentialing process or have already gone through it, what would your advice be to aspiring teachers? What made your experience successful? Now looking back, would you have done anything differently? Post below!
Student Teaching Teacher Binder

    Student teaching can be exhausting and stressful at times, but it's also very rewarding. Here are 7 tips to help you thrive as a student teacher.    Suzanne is a full time curriculum designer on Teachers Pay Teachers and the author of the blog She is a California credentialed K-8 teacher and is committed to creating effective and engaging teaching resources for the elementary classroom. Suzanne lives in Northern California with her husband Matt and two dogs, Mochi and Mindy. As a curriculum designer, her goal is to provide educational tools that make teachers lives a bit easier and that students will love and enjoy using in the classroom. Be sure to visit her on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and at her TpT store!