You may have noticed that some of the pages that you regularly visit on TpT have recently had a small makeover.

Over the past 10 years we’ve grown, developed, and changed quite a bit. We’ve come together as a community of over 4 million educators from around the world to share nearly 2.5 million resources. While we’ve done a lot of changing, one of the things that’s remained relatively the same is our look and feel.

As our community has evolved into something really special, we felt that the look and feel of TpT should be updated to reflect this incredible change and growth. That’s why over the past several months you may have noticed some subtle changes to our logo, colors, and design. The 10 Free Downloads Newsletter has gotten a little bit of a facelift, the blog has a cleaner look, we’ve updated our iPhone App, and we’ve shared some new colors and illustrations on our social media pages.

Today, we’re bringing some of those changes right to At the top and bottom of pages across TpT, you’ll see our updated logo and colors.


Even though some things look slightly different, you’ll still find all of your favorite pages, links, and buttons that you use regularly!

So how has the look and feel changed? When you first look at our logo you’ll see an apple. What you might not realize is that it’s two teachers connecting over a resource. This symbolism represents the core value of TpT and was important for us to maintain. While we wanted to hold onto this special symbol, we also wanted to simplify our look and make it easier to see, even on the smallest screens. Along with our logo updates, we’ve also made some aesthetic and design changes that all have the goal of making TpT cleaner, friendlier, and easier to navigate.

We’re excited about the evolution of TpT’s look and feel and to continue to reflect how our community evolves and changes. Keep your eyes on us and you’ll see more and more incremental changes coming to TpT.