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Technology and TpT are one of those classic combinations that just works (chocolate and peanut butter, anyone?).

We asked Teacher-Authors to share how they’re using technology in their classrooms. I like to consider myself pretty tech savvy but I’ll admit, I learned some new ideas including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Augmented Reality (AR), and Flipped Classroom; where short video lectures are viewed by students at home and classroom time can be focused on exercises, projects, and discussions. Needless to say, there are a lot of exciting things happening in classrooms across the world and a lot of it is due to advances in technology.

Lessons Enhanced by Technology

Tools for Teachers by Laurah J: Technology in the ClassroomTools for Teachers by Laurah J blogs about her recent introduction to AR, “The most awesome thing I learned about was Augmented Reality (AR). But, how can we use this technology in our classrooms? Many classrooms are getting iPads or Android tablets, other schools are adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Fortunately for us budget-strapped-teachers, Aurasma is a free app! This technology allows you to enhance your teaching materials by adding Auras that lead to images, videos, 3-D models, and webpages. I’m so thrilled about the potential applications that I almost can’t sleep!” Try her free TpT resource that uses AR. (And also be sure to grab Tech Tips for Teachers: An Ebook — it’s free and packed with great ideas).

Tech with Jen: Technology in the ClassroomTech with Jen has been an educator for 17 years but the last two she’s had the distinct pleasure of helping bring technology into the classroom. “My job is to help teachers infuse technology into the curriculum every day but many times the teachers I work with have access to different types of technology. I try to create resources that provide ideas for doing the same thing but with different tools. A lot of teachers have access to GAFE (Google Apps for Education) for free in their districts. This is why I, along with several other TpT sellers, began a blog series known as Teacher Training Bootcamp.”

Teaching with Nancy: Technology in the ClassroomAlong with her friend Nancy Alvarez of Teaching with Nancy, they’ve helped teachers  become familiar with the many tools Google has to offer. Nancy also offers a YouTube Channel from her blog that provides, among other things, a tutorial on creating QR codes. Check out one of her QR enhanced lessons, “Egg”cellent Early Literacy Stations.

Room 213: Technology in the ClassroomI’ll bet all of the teacher-bloggers out there would agree that blogging is itself a lesson in technology — learning how to include links, make buttons, etc. Room 213 has her students working on idea development and authentic dialog using blogging as their medium — strategic! She writes about it here and offers her resource Blogging with Your Students (it’s free!).

And while we’re on the subject of technology in the classroom, how about a lesson to make sure your kids know how to use technology in the world? SLPrunner writes about keeping kids safe on social media, about knowing what to post and what not to post, and provides a “Safebook” resource for practice in the classroom.

Bring Your Own Device — What’s Available in Your Classroom

Not all classrooms (or districts) are created equal so we do the best with what we have. Kelly Serrano writes about acquiring technology resources in her post Funding Projects for My Classroom. Kelly’s making the most of her situation — teaching her kids about crowd-funding and being resourceful!

Christine Reeve: Technology in the ClassroomSome of our Teacher-Authors are working with “old” technology, and making it work in new ways! See how Christine Reeve has long used a Language Master in her room and says, “So, as I was thinking about Language Masters (Card Readers) and how I’ve used them for years in listening stations to reinforce vocabulary and have students work independently, I got to thinking about how this can be done now with some of the newer technology.” So it wasn’t such a stretch to start using iPads and QR codes to do similar tasks. Here’s a link to Christine’s Free QR Code Receptive Vocabulary Task Cards for kids with Autism.

Teresa Kwant: Technology in the ClassroomThese Teacher-Authors make it look easy, but it seems like “flipping” can work marvelously in many grades. Read how Secondary Sara flipped her middle school class in Hey, Khan — can’t ELA be flipped, too? and also check out how Brittany Washburn has flipped her elementary classroom in Using Screencasts in the Elementary Classroom.

Testing…testing… is this thing on? Teresa Kwant has her kids reading into a microphone and it’s helped them with their fluency and diction. She blogs about it in Improving Reading Fluency with Audacity. “My students enjoyed this so much we now have a reading center during reading rotations called PowerPoint Poem Recordings.”

I’ve mentioned Google already in this post, but you’ll want to read about how TpT’er AMC uses Google Form and Google Presentation with her students in her recent Tried it Tuesday post.

Take Advantage of Tech Resources

There a lots of creative ways to bring technology into the classroom. These folks blog about many of the free resources available.

And also be sure to take a look at Tech Tips for Teachers: An Ebook compiled by Tools for Teachers by Laurah J.


We love to hear about what you’re doing in your classrooms so make sure to become a member of TpT if you’re not already and share your knowledgeable experiences! We hope you’ve found some useful resources and technology suggestions for your classroom.