With TpT for Schools, it’s easy for administrators like you to put high-quality educational materials directly into teachers’ hands with the support of school funds. For the second part of our Q&A series, we sat down again with Moriah, a TpT for Schools Account Manager, to talk about the payment and licensing options that administrators have once they’re ready to start purchasing resources for their teachers. Read on to learn more!

Q. How can I pay for the resources that my teachers request?

A. Because you can purchase TpT resources for your teachers through TpT for Schools, it’s a good idea to start thinking about which payment and licensing options might work best for your school. As an administrator, you can pay for resources by submitting a PO (more on that in a minute!), using a credit card, or depositing funds into the TpT for Schools account ahead of time and drawing from the available balance.

Q. How do I add funds to the TpT for Schools balance?

A. To add funds to your TpT for Schools balance ahead of time, you can deposit funds using a PO or credit card, and then draw from the available balance to pay for future purchases (just like you would at a bank!). The ability to purchase TpT resources using your account balance makes it easier for you to plan ahead with your teachers, purchase teacher-requested resources quickly and easily, and plan how to use your budget for the upcoming school year.

Q. How can I pay for TpT resources with a PO?

A. At checkout, you’ll have the option to pay with a PO. From there, you can enter the billing information for the person who needs to receive the invoice and generate a quote to send them — so it’s OK if someone else in the district or business office is the one who signs the POs! (FYI, there’s no minimum requirement to use a PO, but there is a $2.99 processing fee for each one.) Once TpT receives the signed PO, the purchased resources are automatically sent to the teachers who requested them.

Team TpT is also happy to assist with vendor setup. We can let you know if TpT is already an approved vendor in your district, or we can complete vendor paperwork for you. Here is a link to our full PO instructions, which include our W9 form.

Q. What is TpT’s licensing policy?

A. Once you’re ready to start purchasing resources with TpT for Schools, it’s important to understand our licensing policy, which is: when you purchase a resource, each license is to be used by one teacher for their individual classroom. This policy is the same sitewide regardless of whether or not a teacher or a school is making the purchase. So if you have multiple teachers in your school who’d like to use the same resource, you’ll need to purchase a license for each of them (i.e. five licenses for five teachers). We currently do not offer a sitewide license or subscription service, so the school will have to pay for each license that it purchases for its teachers. One advantage of using TpT for Schools, however, is that you can easily purchase multiple licenses at once!

Q. What types of licenses does TpT offer?

A. In addition to non-transferable licenses (which can only be used by one teacher for their lifetime), administrators using TpT for Schools can take advantage of another type of license: the transferable license. A transferable license can still only be used by one teacher at a time, but unlike a non-transferable license, it can be reassigned to a new teacher once a year. Since the school or district is funding the purchases made through TpT for Schools, we wanted to provide the school with the option to retain the license in the event that a teacher leaves the school, goes on maternity leave, or changes grade levels.

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If you have more questions or want more information, feel free to reach out to one of our Account Managers at Schools@TeachersPayTeachers.com.

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