At TpT, we believe teaching is the most important profession in the world. And since more than 5 million educators turn to TpT each year to find educational resources, we wanted to make it easier for administrators to help their teachers get what they need. With TpT for Schools, we’ve created a simple way for administrators to put standards-aligned resources directly into teachers’ hands using school funds.

We sat down with Moriah, a TpT for Schools Account Manager, for a multi-part Q&A series to answer some of the most common questions administrators have about how they can use TpT for Schools to support their teachers.

Q. What are the benefits of signing my school up for TpT for Schools?

A. Many schools have purchased resources from TpT for their teachers or have reimbursed teachers for TpT resources in the past, but with TpT for Schools, the purchasing process is more streamlined than it’s ever been. As an administrator, you can invite your teachers to join your school, review and approve the TpT resources that teachers request, and purchase these resources using school funds — all from one place! You’ll also have more insight into what resources teachers are using in their classrooms, since you’re the one approving their requests.

Q. How does TpT for Schools work?

A. TpT for Schools saves a lot of time by providing a seamless way for teachers to request resources, and for administrators to purchase them with schools funds. After registering your school, the first step is to invite your teachers to join your school on TpT (it’s free and only takes a few minutes to sign up if your school doesn’t have an account yet!). Once your teachers have joined, they’ll see a “Send Request” button in the checkout box on the resource page. They can use that button to send a request and ask you to purchase that resource for them.

When a teacher sends a request to purchase a TpT resource, you can log in, review, and approve the request in the “School Requests” tab. To purchase, just add the resource to your cart and check out using a credit card, purchase order (PO), or the available balance of your school’s account (read on to learn more about how to deposit funds ahead of time!). Once purchased, the resource is automatically sent to the teacher who requested it, and he or she can download it from the “My Purchases” section of their TpT account.

As an administrator, you can also purchase resources proactively and send them to your teachers. All you need to do is add the appropriate number of licenses for the resource to your cart, purchase, and send the licenses to your teachers from the “School Library” tab.

Q. How do we get funding for TpT resources?

A. Each school is unique and funding may come from a variety of places, but some sources that we’ve seen used are: curriculum funds (at the school or district level), school budgets allocated to individual departments or teachers, PTO/PTA funds, and funds from activity or Title grants. One of our TpT for Schools Account Managers can also provide you with budgeting tips and sample spreadsheets to help you track your school’s budget!

Q. Why set up an account if we won’t be purchasing anything right away?

A. Certain times of the year are definitely tougher to introduce a new program to your staff. But the great thing about TpT for Schools is that you can decide when — and what — to purchase! For example, you can invite teachers in early June to join your school , and then ask them to submit requests over the summer so you can purchase the resources once budgets are released. We’ve also seen PTOs/PTAs purchase TpT gift cards for schools to help fund purchases at mid-year or end-of-the year budget gaps.

Q. How do I ensure this doesn’t become a time burden for me?

A. TpT for Schools is designed to increase efficiency and save you time. With the ability to add funds to the school account ahead of time (read this guide to learn more about how you can do that!), you can approve and purchase your teachers’ requests within seconds. For resource requests, it’s a good idea to set expectations with your staff regarding a time frame for approvals. For example, you can ask your teachers to submit their requests by Thursday evening so that you can approve them every Friday. Since the pending requests live in the school account, it’s up to you to determine how often you’d like to review and approve them.

In the next part of this Q&A series, Moriah answers questions around how to pay for resources with a PO, how to add funds to your TpT for Schools account, and what TpT’s different licensing options are. Read on to learn more!


If you have more questions or want more information, feel free to reach out to one of our Account Managers at

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