3 students work on their time management skills in class on laptops

Time management can be a challenge for anyone, at any age. In fact, teachers know this better than most due to the many demands of the teaching profession. But this also means teachers know the value of time management, inside and out, and can share this with students. While students may have differing levels of experience, executive function, and organization styles, time management skills are ultimately just like any other skill: they can be grown and honed for success with attention and practice. 

How to Teach Time Management to Students

As teenage students grow, it’s important to instill a foundation for good time management, among other execution function skills, in order to foster students’ independence and learning. From due dates to setting priorities, these resources can help you with teaching time management to your middle and high school students.

Have students gather, track, and organize what they need to get done.

Students can use to-do lists, planners, and digital calendars to keep track of all their assignments, assessments, essays, and projects and make sure they have time to complete it all. Rather than just writing down due dates, you can encourage students to better manage their workload by having them break down large assignments into smaller tasks in their planner. You can also build this structure into your course by having staggered due dates and benchmark checks throughout projects.

Digital weekly planner for students shown on lined notebook paper.

FREE: Distance Learning Student Planner for High School & Middle School by Ye Olde History Shoppe

Grades: 6-12 | Subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies – History

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College application planning pages for high school students in a modern aesthetic

College Application Planning Pages & Posters by College Counselor Studio

Grades: 9-12 | Subjects: Career and Technical Education, Life Skills, School Counseling

Show students how to identify priorities and set goals.

Being able to identify priorities is key to effective time management. When middle and high school students know how to properly prioritize, they can complete not just one assignment on time, but all of their work in a timely manner and balanced way. Prioritizing and planning helps students avoid procrastination and set realistic goals aimed at growth.

Smart Goals and Time Management shown in yellow text on black background.

FREE SMART Goal Setting and Time Management for Secondary Students by Chalk Dust Diva — History – Social Science

Grades: 9-12 | Subject: For All Subject Areas


Student Goal Setting/Time Management Check In Form by Meghan Retallick

Grades: 6-12 | Subjects: Special Education, Study Skills, For All Subjects

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Eisenhower matrix to do list in white and bright colors

Weekly Prioritizer – To Do List by MrsSystems

Grades: K-12 | Subjects: Communications, Study Skills, For All Subject Areas

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Teach a time management lesson — so all students are on the same page.

Be direct while teaching time management to high school students and middle schoolers by dedicating a mini lesson or unit to it. This way, expectations for the class will be clear and transparent. You can also add these materials to your class’s learning management system, website, or syllabus, so your students can refer back to them whenever they need a refresher.

Pink powerpoint presentation shows teachers how to teach time management

Self-Management: Time Management and Organization Skills Lesson Plan (Casel SEL) by Miss InterEducation

Grades: 6-9 | Subjects: Life Skills, School Counseling, For All Subject Areas

Student trying to work on time management skills shown in photo against royal blue background.

Time Management Activities by Informed Decisions

Grades: 6-12 | Subjects: Life Skills, Study Skills, School Counseling, For All Subject Area

Watch shown with student time management activities

Time Management BUNDLE (Print and Digital) by Queen’s Educational Resources

Grades: 8-12  | Subjects: Life Skills, Classroom Management, School Counseling, For All Subject Areas

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Reinforce students’ time management skills through classwork and homework.

The average class day comes filled with opportunities for students to practice time management. Their regular classwork and homework assignments teach them this skill through deadlines, but you can also encourage time management among students by using subject-specific materials geared towards social-emotional learning and executive functioning. All of these skills connect, from goal-setting and growth mindset, to time management and organization, so don’t be afraid to include it all.

Time management reading passage shown

High Low Functional Activity- Time Management and Routines *Passage Included!* by High Low Learning

Grades: 6-12 | Subjects: Special Education, Life Skills, Reading Strategies

Made for Google Apps™ 

Blue and green title text for the resource "Scientific Method and Growth Mindset Activity"

Scientific Method Activity How the Growth Mindset Applies in Science by Flying Colors Science

Grades: 7-10 | Subjects: Basic Principles, Other (Science), General Science

Made for Google Apps™ 

Have students practice time management strategies through project-based learning.

Both group and individual projects can teach students time management, but through differing means. Group projects teach time management through delegation, deliberation, collaboration, commitment, and shared responsibility and decision-making as students must work together towards a shared goal. On the other hand, individual projects teach students time management through dedication, foresight, self-discipline, and individual accountability as students must motivate and rely on themselves to finish their work. Both sets of skills have great value to them, making projects an important method of teaching time management.

Clipboards with time management activities are shown in a pile with a watch

Time Management Unit: Goal-Setting and Proactive Planning Skills at School by Secondary Sara

Grades: 7-10 | Subject: English Language Arts (Adaptable to Other Subjects)

High school research project shown on laptop against purple background

Research Project Scaffolding by The Book Peddling Teacher

Grades: 8-12 | Subjects: English Language Arts, Writing

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Purple, green, and blue PBL planning tool kit for students

Project-Based Learning Planning Bundle: Student Version {Printable and Digital} by Experiential Learning Depot

Grades: 9-12 | Subjects: Life Skills, For All Subject Areas

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Provide additional assistance to students who need it through supplemental materials.

Some students may need more help or practice than others to excel at time management. Adding some supplemental resources to your lesson library can help with this. Remind students to set realistic expectations within time constraints so that they can tackle what’s important. Incorporating a growth mindset is especially important for these students as they practice their time management skills.

Teacher checks watch for time management lesson plan

Time Management & Organization Lesson – Middle/High School- Google Slides option by School Counseling Essentials

Grades: 6-12 | Subjects: Life Skills, School Counseling, Problem Solving

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Black and white activities for time management for teens with clock

Executive Functioning for Teens: Time Management Activities by A Space to Speak

Grades: 8-12 | Subjects: Special Education, Life Skills, Speech Therapy

Include time management tips in students’ test prep.  

Test-taking almost always has time constraints that students must meet. Whether it’s a pop quiz, an in-class exam, or a standardized test, middle and high school students have to learn how to tackle these assessments. Again, time management skills can help them. Once they learn how to read test directions, skim, and eliminate answer choices, students can understand the amount of time each task personally takes them, make the most of their limited time, and better strategize their test-taking.

Test taking lesson plans shown against multiple choice scantron

Test Taking Tips and Strategies by Making Meaning with Melissa

Grades: 8-11 | Subjects: English Language Arts, Math, For All Subject Areas

Made for Google Apps™

Still wondering how to teach time management to your students? Check out time management activities in the TPT Catalog.