PreK-12 Resource Round-Up from LGBTQ+ Teacher-Authors

As we celebrate Pride Month this June, we want to spotlight some of the TpT Teacher-Authors who are part of the LGBTQ+ community along with the work they do. Discover engaging teaching activities by LGBTQ+ teachers to support your students’ needs across grade levels and subject areas!

5 Resources for Teaching English Language Arts

36 Graphic Organizers

Digital Graphic Organizers for Google Classroom and Drive – For Grades 2-12 by Mr. Mault’s Marketplace
Not Grade Specific

Remote Learning (Week One: Gender)

Remote Learning Social Justice Course – Week 1: Gender by Queer Kid Stuff
PreK-3rd Grade

Sentence Writing Intervention

Sentence Writing Intervention w/ Graphic Organizers #spedprep1 by Ashley Sanchez – The Behavior Bunch
Kindergarten – 5th Grade

"I Died for Beauty" Poem Analysis

Poetry Analysis – Emily Dickinson – Emergency Plan – Distance Learning by Nouvelle ELA
4th-7th Grade

Creating a SuperHero Narrative (Free)

Create a SuperHERO Narrative! Common Core Aligned! by The SuperHERO Teacher
7th-10th Grade

7 Resources for Teaching Math & Science

16 Math, Literacy, and Fine Motor Skills Activities

Dental Health-Math, Literacy, and Fine Motor Activities for Preschool-Kinder by The Brainy Corner

Place Value

Place Value by Kindergarten Smorgasboard
PreK – 1st Grade

Math Intervention Binder Activities

Distance Learning No Prep Math Intervention Binder Activities by The Teaching Texan
K-1st Grade

Addition Facts 0-12

Addition Math Facts Practice Activities 0-12 Distance Learning by Just Add Glitter
K-4th Grade

Summer Problem Solving

Summer Problem Solving Journal {For Success!} by Sarah Plum
1st-3rd Grade

Chemical Reactions Task Cards

Chemical Reactions: Chemistry Task Cards by Bond With James
8th-12th Grade

T22. Solving Triangles: Choosing the Appropriate Method

T22. Solving Triangles: Choosing the Appropriate Method by Jane Gillette
10th – 12th Grade

Resources for Character Education

Growth Mindset Self-Talk Posters

GROWTH MINDSET from A to Z: 26 Posters to Reinforce Grit, Resilience, & Tenacity by Literary Sherri
6th-8th Grade

Resources for Teacher Organization

Lesson Plan Template

Is Everything Here Editable Lesson Plan Template by A Teacher’s Plan
K-1st Grade

Editable 20+ Handouts and Foldable Templates

20+ Handout and Foldable Templates by The Engaging Station
4th-12th Grade

To discover more engaging resources for your classroom, browse digital resources on TpT.