TeachersKnow a whole lot. Which is why more than 5 million educators turn to TpT’s community to share their know-how with each other. Discover more about the #TeachersKnow campaign and become a part of the movement that teachers like you are leading.

What #TeachersKnow 

Middle school teacher Shannon Lingle never stops thinking of her students and how she can help them learn even better. K-1 teacher Angela Griffith turns to TpT to find shared understanding in her struggles. And Kate Bing is sharing resources based on a decade of teaching middle school math.

What do these teachers have in common? They’re experts who know what good teaching actually looks like, and are just a few of the extraordinary teachers in our community who are standing up and sharing what #TeachersKnow. 

“I know how to work with middle school students. I know what gets them excited. I know what the common weaknesses are.”

— Kate Bing, a 6th Grade Teacher and TpT Teacher-Author

According to the 70 percent of U.S. teachers who turn to TpT, teachers like you know a whole lot. You know teaching. You know what makes kids tick. You know what conflict looks like and how to resolve it in healthy ways. You know how to play and how to make the classroom a place of joyful learning. And you know how to come to school each day ready to take on all the challenges that come with being a teacher.

TpT stands for teachers and for everything they know. Our company was founded on one teacher’s dream: What if he could know what other teachers know? More than a decade later, we know what the answer to his question is: that there is incredible power in tapping into the expertise, experience, and educational materials of other teachers. Today, more than two-thirds of American educators turn to TpT to share their know-how with each other, and together, they’re transforming education classroom by classroom. 

“No one knows better what teachers need than others teachers. I feel like we are in the trenches together, and we can help each other.”

— Angela Griffith, a K-1 looping teacher and TpT Teacher-Author

We’re featuring the stories of teachers like Shannon, Katie, Angela, and others to share what’s true about teaching, and encourage you to share the same. Help show the world what #TeachersKnow and become a part of the movement that’s defining what it means to be a teacher.

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