For those of us in the northeast, Valentine’s Day is a bright spot in a cold, bleak month. It’s the perfect opportunity to show how much we care. At TpT, we think Teachers are amazing every day of the year, but today we’d like to tell you how and why with these TpT Valentines:




From Adam, CEO: “Thank you for the the passion, the energy and the commitment to mould our next generations. We are so grateful for the ways you give and give and then, you know, give even more!”


From Karen, Product Manager: “Happy Valentine’s Day to our wonderful TpT Teachers! I am inspired each day by the hard work and passion that you bring into your classroom. The time you spend on creating quality resources shines through in your materials. Your work is important. Your passion is invaluable. Thank you for letting me and TpT be a part of your teaching journey.”



From Paul, Founder: “Teachers, I love you. Will you be my Valentine?”



jodiheartFrom Jodi, Senior Editor:“Teachers, thank you for every single positive moment you create for your students. Those moments will turn into memories, and those memories will stay with your students as they grow. Years out of school, I can still clearly remember Mrs. Krosche teaching me to read, Mrs. Schneider singing silly songs in art class, and Mr. Murphy creating the most marvelous mnemonic devices to help our class learn the Bill of Rights. Teachers, you matter. You matter so very much. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”


jaredheartFrom Jared, VP Community Experience: “Few if any jobs come even close to being as difficult, exhausting, inspiring, and valuable as teaching. Every time I’ve visited a classroom I’ve left feeling overwhelming gratitude that there are people like that in the world. People who give so much more than they take. People who help so many kids, with so many different personalities, to grow and learn. People who have endless patience, passion, and energy. People like you.”


mariheartFrom Mari, Data Analyst: “You’re awesome because you share your love of learning! And I am especially grateful for you because you keep sharing that love every day even though it’s not always clear that it’s appreciated. Trust me, those are the students that will appreciate you even more years later. Signed, A Reformed Problem Student”



From Joe, President & CFO: “Thank you from a father of four school-age children. Your work, your wisdom, and your example will go with them in the years ahead.”


nicoleheartFrom Nicole, Senior Editor: “Golly, where to begin! I moved around a lot as a child which meant moving schools every 2-3 years (a little traumatic, yes). I certainly remember friends I made (and then lost when we moved), but I also distinctively remember my favorite teachers. There was Mrs. Hodges, my kindergarten teacher. I still sucked my thumb (just a little) in kindergarten and Mrs. Hodges never made me feel funny but helped me let that habit go before I moved on to 1st. Then there was Mr. Douglas in 4th — we’d moved to Wapato, Washington at this point, who recognized my artistic abilities and pushed me into the gifted and talented track that I didn’t feel quite prepared for, but ended up loving. I moved again right as I was about to go into 6th to Washougal, Washington and had so many great teachers including a math teacher who would put music on while we were working and a social studies teacher who would sometimes take us out to play soccer to make us move around. And then my freshman year of high school we moved to Eugene, Oregon where I had Mrs. Youngblood for social studies and an AP literature teacher, whose name escapes me, but who turned me on to Maya Angelou and other great authors. I guess this is all to say, teachers have made a HUGE impact on my life. When my home life was a little rough, teachers would let me stay late and help in the classroom or turn in an assignment a little late or even employ me as their baby sitter — thanks Mr. Steinberg! and they were always so welcoming and generous to “the new girl” — because of teachers I knew I was smart, talented, and had the potential to take care of myself and shine. I love teachers and I sure love getting to work with y’all every day.”


bruceheartFrom Bruce, Marketing: “One reason I think teachers are amazing is because their work enables students to grasp entirely new fields of knowledge that changes the way those individuals think about the world for the rest of their lives.”


samheartFrom Samantha, Community Developer: “Every day, I am more and more impressed by the TpT Community. I love coming to work and connecting with a community that is incredibly hardworking, compassionate, patient, dedicated, and supportive of each other. Keep being awesome; you’re making our jobs easy! :)”


AmitFrom Amit, Senior Data Scientist: “Thanks Teachers for all your hard work with our children all year ’round. We have a 2nd and a 5th grader and it is pretty clear that keeping them engaged takes a tremendous amount of dedication and effort.”


talyaheartFrom Talya, Community Developer: “I’ve had wonderful teachers my whole life, who pushed me, believed in me, cared for me, and loved me. I probably never thanked them, or if I did it was certainly inadequate. So now I get a second chance. Thank you to all the teachers out there who are working non-stop to make sure children everywhere love to learn!”


alexheartFrom Alexis, Product Manager: “I love and am inspired by the boundless commitment the teachers in my life have for their students — inside and outside of the classroom. Your late-night planning sessions are not taken for granted!”



From Jillian, Events Specialist: “Thank you for treating your students how you would treat your own children. No matter what subject or grade you teach, you are making a difference in these students’ lives by caring about them. You may have a family of your own outside of the classroom, but I’m sure that your students feel that you are excited for their future and are helping them to grow.”


amyheartFrom Amy, Head of Community & Editorial: “Dearest Teachers, you make a difference each and every day. Your passion, creativity, thoughtfulness, and endurance (I mean, really now!) are unparalleled. You might not feel amazing every day, but you are. Thank you for doing one of the hardest and most important jobs around. We love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


Special hearts and flowers to Paula Kim Studio for the heartfelt feature image clip art and the clip art featured in the newsletter.