Teachers Pay Teachers x DonorsChoose: Helping Educators Get Needed Resources

“While we are definitely making it work, at the end of the day, there is nothing that can replace being in the classroom with my students, face-to-face,” shared TpT Teacher-Author Miss DeCarbo, a 1st grade teacher in Ohio. And with more than 124,000 U.S. schools closed, teachers across the country have been doing all they can to support students from afar.

We know teachers need support to continue student learning remotely. To understand what resources they need most, TpT surveyed nearly 1,000 teachers last week. Their number one need? Engaging instructional materials.

TpT Gift Cards Available to DonorsChoose Users

To help meet this need, Teachers Pay Teachers is partnering with our good friends at DonorsChoose. For the first time ever, any DonorsChoose teacher will be able to add TpT gift cards to their DonorsChoose projects so they can get more of the teacher-created, teacher-tested materials they need from TpT. 

“TpT consists of a tribe of talented teachers that are willing to share their talents and expertise with students all over,” said Gianna, an elementary school teacher in Connecticut who has had 15 projects funded on DonorsChoose. “Being able to request TpT resources from DonorsChoose means digital access to easy-to-implement, often no-prep, low-cost resources and activities. At a time when connecting with students is so vital, these TpT resources will allow educators like me to differentiate instruction and meet the needs of all learners.”

While more than 85% of U.S. teachers use TpT to find the resources they need, they’re often paying out of their own pocket, and therefore limited in what they can afford. That’s why last year we launched our crowdfunding platform — TpT ClassFund — to help unlock funds for teachers. We’ve already seen thousands of TpT Classfund campaigns funded and millions of dollars donated to teachers. 

Partnering with DonorsChoose will allow us to build on this momentum and open even more crowdfunding options for TpT’s community of 6 million educators. With more than 84% of teachers at public schools using DonorsChoose and more than 4.3 million citizen donors contributing to these campaigns, this partnership will allow us to create even more opportunities for teachers to get the TpT resources that are so needed in this moment.

To set up a DonorsChoose project, visit https://www.donorschoose.org/teachers.