Here at TpT, we believe that Teachers are special. We work with Teachers every day and several of us have teaching experience. We know. The generous spirit we see coming from Teachers doesn’t surprise us, but it does impress us and it touches us.

There are so many ways that Buyers and Sellers alike are helping to make the world a better place. In fact, isn’t being a Teacher an embodiment of that? We wanted raise a glass to just some of the TpT Teacher-Authors who are sharing the joy of the season with generosity.

Raising Funds for Folks in Need

Home for the Holidays: Teacher-Authors Spreading Holiday Cheer
Home for the Holidays
  • Read about how Darlin’ Little Learners pulled together Home for the Holidays — a fundraiser that was able to provide an early Christmas for a family facing tragic circumstances. Through December, you can still pay-it-forward to benefit this family and get great resources in return.
  • Erica Butler is helping a teacher friend forgive a HUGE hospice bill that’s come due during the holidays. She’s calling it A Hug for the Holidays Fundraiser.
  • Did you see how Jessi’s Archive turned her vacation into a volunteer effort during a recent trip to the Philippines that overlapped with devastating Typhoon Haiyan?
  • At the beginning of 2013, Jodi Southard raised over $10,000 to help fund a heart transplant for a Katelyn, a 2nd grader from her school (read about it here). Jodi updates, “the best news is that she receive her new heart and is back at school this year!” We’re so happy to hear that!
  • A Stocking Full of Gifts is a brand new project by Mrs Wheeler. All proceeds go toward the support and care of two beautiful little girls who are both battling Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Friend and co-worker Nora is their mom.
Central Illinois Tornado Victims Fund Raiser: Teacher-Authors Spreading Holiday Cheer
Central Illinois Tornado Victims Fund Raiser

They say, “We are just three teachers in Illinois hoping as you begin celebrating the holidays that you will keep in your thoughts the families and schools affected by the tornadoes, which swept throughout Central Illinois. Many of these families will not have a home in which to celebrate and if we, as teachers, can help in this small way, it might make the difference in the life of a child or adult.” What a fantastic effort!

Adding Good to the World

Crayonbox Learning: Teacher-Authors Spreading Holiday Cheer

  • Arlene Manemann knits and crochets hats for cancer patients through Knots of Love and donates proceeds from her resource The Lemonade War to raise money for children’s brain cancer research.
  • Chalk Dust Diva is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for a foster youth. Her TpT earnings have helped her pay for fun outings that might not have happened otherwise.
  • Because of her TpT store, Adventures in Science was able to “make a really nice donation to Oklahoma Westie Rescue.” She says, “Each year they take in, foster, and try to find forever homes for around 300 West Highland White Terriers and other small dogs.”
  • And Kathy Ryan sends earnings from her TpT store to her husband’s family in Egypt. “I was able to send money to have tubes put in his nephew’s ears — they had waited so long, he was on the verge of permanent hearing damage, and for his sister to have double eye surgery so she could maintain her vision after a nasty infection.”
  • Rebecca from Late Night Coffee says, “A couple of weeks ago I wanted to do some holiday giving so… I emailed a free PDF file of my ‘Gingerbread House‘ art activity to local Ronald McDonald houses in my area to use whenever and however long they would like. The woman who runs the arts and crafts nights for the families was SO appreciative.”
  • Also, Crayonbox Learning’s Danielle has helped and contributed to lots of different causes — but most impressive is that she donates 10 percent of all of her sales to a cause that helps build Smart Homes for soldiers wounded in combat.

Blogs With Impact

Rulin' the Roost: Teacher-Authors Spreading Holiday Cheer
Rulin’ the Roost
  • Read about out how Rulin’ the Roost gives proceeds from her Sentence Writing Boot Camp to the family of a fallen officer in Philadelphia.
  • Lynn of TpT store Horizons says she “designated all of the proceeds of a Thanksgiving product to give to Pencils of Promise.” Read the blog post here.
  • Erica Bohrer shares a moving post about helping using her profits to help out after Hurricane Sandy.
  • Let’s send all of our positive thoughts to Jen Bengel whose TpT profits helped to bring her to Africa. (She’s there right now!!!) Jen explains it all on her blog — a. maze. ing!

Paying it Forward

Over the Hills: Teacher-Authors Spreading Holiday Cheer
Over the Hills
  • Kerri B gives 20% of her earnings to charitable causes and has helped two friends to go on missions — one to Cambodia and the other to India.
  • Practice Makes Perfect donates 50% of the earnings from her Veterans Day Unit to a foundation that makes it possible for family members to stay nearby military hospitals when one of their loved ones is receiving care.
  • Newcomer Stacey Lloyd says she’ll be able to continue helping NGOs creating educational materials in South Africa with the supplemental income her TpT store provides.
  • And Over the Hills says, “This year, because of TpT of course, we have decided to Adopt-a-Family from our school. I’ve wanted to participate in the program for many years, but we have always been tight on cash this time of year. I can’t wait to deliver of the goodies in a couple of weeks so that another family can have a great holiday, too.” Beautiful.

We are in awe of the generosity displayed by these Teacher-Authors and we know there are so many other ways that both Buyers and Sellers are making the world a better place. Thank you!