In a year that’s bringing a lot of stress, prioritizing and supporting teacher mental health within the walls of the school building can go a long way to boosting morale. While many of the larger problems are not within the power of school leaders to change immediately, there are plenty of small steps they can take in the short-term to mitigate the stress on teachers and foster a culture where educators and staff feel inherently valued. Check out these mental health resources for teachers and ideas for how to get started.

Ideas and Resources to Support Teacher Mental Health 

Here’s a quick list of ideas and resources to boost teacher morale and support the mental health of teachers and staff. While the ideas below are around supporting an entire school staff, quite a few of these resources can be used by individual teachers looking to support their own mental health and wellbeing, too.

Time and space to step back and reflect.

For busy teachers, it can be difficult to find the time to slow down and take a moment to recognize and address how they’re feeling. Consider carving out time during staff meetings — or even offering dedicated professional development sessions — for teachers to step back and reflect. If you’re a teacher, consider speaking to your school’s leadership team about scheduling a staff meeting that’s dedicated to this topic.

Having this time will enable teachers to identify what they’re struggling with and start working on finding the resources and/or support they need. Providing outlets for teachers to voice their feelings, process what they’re dealing with, and identify solutions will go a long way toward boosting teacher morale.

Stress Management and Self-Care for Teachers by School Counseling is Magical

With this professional development PowerPoint, teachers will identify sources of stress, recognize the signs of burnout, learn techniques to recover, and most importantly, develop a personal self-care plan.

The Self Care Journal and Planner for Stress Management by Root and Sprout Learning

This stress management and self-care journal guides teachers on how to manage stress and implement a wellness plan that’s unique to each individual. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Pack for Teachers by Oceanview Resources

This resource is the ultimate source for mental health-related workbooks, journals, and planners, and covers anxiety, depression, and a lot more.

Reminders to focus on wellbeing.

Teachers put a lot of effort and time in supporting their students. But all that hard work and caring can come at a steep price, especially during stressful times like today. Encourage teachers to focus on themselves by reducing demands on their time, and encouraging them to take breaks, set boundaries, and disconnect. In addition, find resources (like some of the ones below) to give teachers a regular outlet for their own stress and/or engage in restorative activities that can help them focus on themselves.

Teacher Staff Wellbeing Checklist by Inspired Classroom X

Keep track of how you’re looking after yourself throughout the week by checking off any mindfulness or wellbeing activities that you complete.

Self Care and Resilience Building for Teachers by The Counseling Teacher Brandy

This checklist includes 50 ways to build resilience and practice practical self care. 

Self-Care Bingo for Teachers by Creative Access

Perfect to use as a day-to-day reminder to practice self-care. Print out a new one each week and challenge yourself and your colleagues to get bingo every week.

Teachers Wellbeing and Positivity Coloring Book Kids Innovation Kingdom

This coloring activity is the perfect way to do something intentional and deliberate to support your wellbeing.

A culture of recognition and appreciation.

Just like students, teachers and school staff also appreciate a shout-out for the hard work they’re doing. Make it a point to create a culture that shows teachers, with actions, how much they’re valued. (And this goes for teachers, too: Seek out ways to support your colleagues, if you have the space to do so. Writing a note of encouragement or just lending an ear could make all the difference to one of your peers.)

Teacher Wellbeing Pack by Rainbow Sky Creations

Use this staff well-being pack to celebrate and appreciate the amazing teachers in your school building.

While none of these ideas are a cure-all for the systemic issues educators are facing, they can be a starting point for boosting teacher morale and fostering an atmosphere that’s supportive of teachers’ mental health.

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