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Teacher fail truth time. Today, I’m here to bring you five of my favorite face-palm moments. Why? Well, because I like to keep it real around here. Because teaching is messy. And because, truth be told, I’m the kind of gal who falls a little closer to the “charmingly disheveled” mark on the organizational spectrum than the “my life is an effortlessly blog-worthy masterpiece” mark. I strive to always come through on the things that really count, but the little details like making sure my shoes are matching and my pants are on rightside-out? Well… I give it the old college try.

This is my teacher fail confessional. Please feel free to laugh at me with me.

1. The time my pants were on inside out and I decided not to do anything about it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I gots to teach! THE SHOW MUST GO ON.—Teacher Fail Confessional: 5 of My Face-Palm Moments
2. The time my sweet student drew this hilariously accurate portrait of me. Here I was, thinking I hid my angry resting face so well! Look at those aggressive eyebrows! Look at that sour puss! I SWEAR: I’m not angry. It’s just my face. (I also swear, I did combat this as hard as possible —  but it’s hard to change your face, man. It’s just my face. The struggle is real.)
Teacher Fail Confessional: 5 of My Face-Palm Moments
3. I don’t always wear two different shoes to work, but when I do, I make sure to talk to literally everyone in the building before realizing it. Heavy sigh. Teacher Fail Confessional: 5 of My Face-Palm Moments
4. Honestly, at this point, I should know better than to drink {iced tea} and grade. I SHOULD KNOW BETTER. It always ends in tea-soaked heartbreak. (This particular incident was particularly ironic; more on that in this post.} Teacher fail. Teacher Fail Confessional: 5 of My Face-Palm Moments
5. Some days, the final bell was like a victory gong telling me I NAILED IT and should immediately take a celebratory lap around the classroom, high-fiving members of my invisible cheering squad. Some days, the bell signaled it was time to sit under my desk and shove candy into my face. Not every lesson is a winner. Teacher Fail Confessional: 5 of My Face-Palm Moments
What can I say? I’m human. I’m a little ridiculous. But darn it, I give it my best shot. I’d love to say I never fail the same way twice, but again — I SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO PUT MY ICED TEA NEXT TO MY PAPER STACKS BY NOW. Some lessons I guess I’ll never learn. So this one goes out to all my peeps who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves — I mean, you gotta have a sense of humor to survive this career, right?! If you enjoy teacher humor, check out my Instagram account @TeacherTroubles for memes and dreams by yours truly. 😉

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