Teacher Appreciation Week: An Open Letter to Teachers Everywhere

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021: Open Letter to Teachers Everywhere

Dear Teachers,

Teacher Appreciation Week is upon us. It’s been an incredibly hard school year. You’ve been continuously challenged to innovate and adapt to deliver a quality education to our students, and you’ve risen to meet that challenge. Now more than ever, we hope that you feel the gratitude and appreciation that you so rightly deserve.

On behalf of all of us at TpT, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every teacher in recognition of the monumental work you’ve been doing this past year.

  • Thank you for teaching through the hardest year ever.
  • Thank you for caring so deeply for students and their families.
  • Thank you for being creative.
  • Thank you for thinking of new ways to engage your students.
  • Thank you for being flexible each day.
  • Thank you for learning new technologies.
  • Thank you for doing everything you can to help your students learn.
  • Thank you for being teachers.

For more than 15 years, TpT has stood for teachers. We believe in the dignity of every teacher, and in the collective power of teachers when they share what they know with each other. That’s why TpT exists. We are so deeply grateful for and humbled by the work you do every day.


Joe Holland, CEO of Teachers Pay Teachers

Images courtesy of Ryan Dela Cruz, Thomas J. Bussey, Shemika Porter, Joyce Sun, and Kim.