School and district leaders have an important role to play when it comes to retaining teachers and giving them the support they need to be successful. Of late, the question on many school leaders’ minds is: what can I do today to make teachers feel valued, supported, and effective? For a start, choosing the right tools and resources can make a big difference. More than ever before, schools and districts are providing educators with TPT School Access, a subscription from TPT that includes access to over 4 million educator-created resources. 

Anecdotally, we’ve heard that administrators are choosing TPT School Access to support their teachers as they address pressing instructional needs, like unfinished learning and social-emotional learning. To understand more about the impact that TPT resources and TPT School Access have in these areas, TPT conducted a survey with over 2,000 teachers. Read on to learn about the two key themes that emerged in our analysis of the results.

TPT gives educators access to high-quality resources to support a variety of needs.

In order for educators to feel effective in their role, especially at a time when they’re charged with addressing critical academic and social-emotional learning gaps, they need a wealth of high-quality resources to support their instruction. With access to resources from TPT, teachers report that they are better able to support:

  • Standards-Aligned Teaching: 96% of teachers say TPT makes it easier to teach content that is aligned with state standards.
  • Whole-Child Learning: 92% of teachers find that using TPT helps them to address whole-child learning.
  • Classroom Engagement: 96% of teachers agree that their students are more engaged when they use TPT compared with other materials.

TPT School Access teachers are less likely to want to leave and are more likely to feel connected to their school.

Increased demands and other pandemic-related stressors have exacerbated teacher shortages across the country. But there are a number of strategies and tools schools and districts can leverage to hire and retain great educators. We found that teachers who use TPT School Access are more likely to report positive feelings around connection to their school community and less likely to report wanting to make a job-related change this year. These findings suggest that TPT School Access may be one way school leaders can show educators that they are valued, respected, and part of a community.

Download the full report to learn more about how TPT resources and a TPT School Access subscription make a difference in the instruction teachers can provide to their students and play a role in teacher retention.

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