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This summer reading challenge 2017 is perfect for kids on summer break. Make reading fun by providing kids with a list of ways to read instead of a list of books to read.

Summer Reading Challenge 2017

I gave this reading challenge to my students last year during one of our “off track” months. (I taught at a year-round school). The students LOVED the challenge, and so did their parents! I even heard that it was great not to just get a “list of books to read.” Many parents told me that it made their students realize that “reading is everywhere.” SCORE!!!


One column challenges students to read different types of texts, while the second columns gives students different (and fun) WAYS to read.

I got such a great feedback that I wanted to give it again this year! Since we are changing to a traditional schedule, I changed the title to a summer reading challenge. …and then I thought “Hey, now I can share it with all of you!” Woohoo! 😉

Reading is everywhere! I don’t want my students thinking that the only time to read is during Daily 5, homework, or time in the library. The first column tells students what to read. These are things that are probably already at home. You could even find and print some of the items from the Internet (recipe, comic strip, a menu etc.). The second column shows kids all the fun ways the kids can read. So far, “Read to pet” is a fan favorite.

Summer Reading Challenge 2017

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Hope you’re enjoying your summer!
Summer Reading Challenge 2017

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