Name: Keira Lebrón

What She Teaches: 6th and 7th grade Spanish language arts

Where Her School Is: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Her Top Fundraising Tip: Just do it! Reach out to friends and family. Also, be authentic and warm with your language.

When spending out-of-pocket isn’t an option

Keira Lebrón is a 6th and 7th grade Spanish Language Arts teacher at a magnet visual arts public school in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The school where she teaches is located in a 100-year-old historical building. “Our walls are so thick, regular WiFi doesn’t pass through. We have no technology, except for a projector I got as a donation and my own computer, iPad, and mobile hotspot,” she says. “My students are very talented in Spanish language arts and need to be constantly engaged, or else their minds will wander off during our 90-minute lessons.”

When she initially found out about TpT ClassFund, Keira thought it would be a blessing for teachers like her in Puerto Rico. “I suffered through hurricane María in 2017. Since then, my finances have been a big struggle,” she says. “And as a Puerto Rico teacher, our salary is almost unlivable. Just knowing that [through TpT ClassFund] I’ll be able to get resources ready for when I need them — instead of when I’m able to get them — will help me.”

Unlocking funds to invest in student learning

After finding out about TpT ClassFund, Keira created her page with the goal of raising enough funds for the resources she needed to keep her students engaged — resources like games and activities. “I’m a very creative teacher, and I’m always looking to find innovative ways to teach them the hard stuff and learn to love Spanish.” 

Once she set up her TpT ClassFun page, she shared her link on her personal Facebook and Twitter accounts using the hashtags #TpTClassFund and #clearthelists. She spoke about how TpT has helped her in the past and how there were many resources on TpT that would help her students, if she were able to purchase these TpT resources. “I assured people the funds would be put to great use,” she says. “And I mentioned the specific type of resources that I would get and how they’d help.”

One of her tips for writing an engaging fundraising page is to “highlight your kids’ positive traits and their enthusiasm for learning, and your own passion for what you do and the specific type of resources you are looking to buy.” Plus, she adds: “If you have an anecdote about how a TpT resource impacted your classroom, share that!”

Creating a more engaging classroom experience

“I have a lot of things on my wish list I didn’t even consider getting before!” she says. “I’m excited about the possibilities and about having less stress when I’m prepping for difficult lessons.”

Personally, TpT ClassFund has helped her overcome some of the financial challenges that she’s been facing in recent years. “[Teachers in Puerto Rico] have the lowest income of all teachers in the U.S. Department of Education, and we receive little to no resources to work our curriculum.”

To learn more about Keira’s plans for her classroom, check out her TpT ClassFund page.


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