The temperatures have tipped 55° fahrenheit here in New England and it’s feeling positively balmy. The birds are singing, the trees are budding, and we have 11 Milestone Teachers who might be feeling a little “spring” in their step! Read on to see what these teachers have to offer and consider following them to keep up with this group of Spring’s Spectacular Milestone Teachers.

Spring Welcomes 11 Milestone Teachers

Mr Educator - A Social Studies Professional: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

1.  From Ohio, Welcome Mr Educator – A Social Studies Professional

Try his: Social Media Biographies! Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram Templates!

His tip: “Consistently finding ways to integrate technology into the classroom is a challenge faced by many teachers. This product allows teachers to seamlessly integrate modern technology into a more traditional format. Here, students create social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram) for any historical figure that they wish. Let students choose which one they would like to use for a project, or use all four at different points throughout the year. These can be easily modified for a variety of topics — historical biographies, personal autobiographies, family histories — and allow students to use their creativity and understanding of these social media outlets to relate to the curriculum!”


Katie King- Queen of the First: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

2.  Meet Charleston, South Carolina’s Katie King- Queen of the First

Try her: The Busy Teacher’s Best friend April Edition: SECOND GRADE

Her tip: “I love creating low-prep, engaging printables for my second graders. I am a busy mom myself, and I wanted to find a way to have my evenings and weekends back for family time. I also use these worksheets as weekly review homework packets.”


Pink Cat Studio: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

3.  From British Columbia, Canada it’s Melissa Rodger of Pink Cat Studio

Try her: Coordinate Graphing Spring Mystery Pictures – Ordered pairs with whole numbers

Her tip: “Students practice plotting ordered pairs with these fun and engaging coordinate graphing Spring theme mystery pictures! This activity is easy to differentiate by choosing either the first quadrant or the four quadrant worksheet. These worksheets are perfect for whole class activities, math centers, early finishers, and homework.”


D Conway: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

4.  Donna from Connecticut runs D Conway

Try her: Spring Pattern Block Pictures

Her tip: “My class LOVES working and exploring with pattern blocks and they go crazy for pattern block puzzles, so I’ve been keeping them busy learning with a new set every month or so. By using pictures such as Abraham Lincoln, a rain cloud, or a groundhog, I’m able to tie in both science and social studies content with the math Common Core Standards that are covered by the puzzles. It’s a win-win!”


Amanda Richardson: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

5.  Introducing Amanda Richardson from Texas

Try her: Living and Nonliving (living and nonliving things, including plants)

Her tip: “Spring is here! It’s time to dig into living and nonliving things! This science unit includes a poem with a word work activity, along with activities to teach about the needs of plants and animals, and the plant life cycle. It’s simple to use and follows an easy teaching sequence.”


Educating Everyone 4 Life: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

6.  Introducing Julie Jackson from Texas — She runs Educating Everyone 4 Life

Try her: Book Reports For Primary Students

Her tip: “Graphic organizers are a wonderful tool that provide structure and organizational skills for students. Book Reports For Primary Students uses graphic organizers to help students identify and understand story elements and important details while they are reading.”


Primary Reading Party: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

7.  Cindy from New York heads up Primary Reading Party

Try her: Buggy About Insects! {An Insects Literacy and Science Mega Unit}

Her tip: “I love tying literacy into science. It makes it so much more fun and interesting. This 114 page unit includes literacy and science centers, graphic organizers, and printables with a focus on both insects in general and also ladybugs, ants, and butterflies/moths. Your students will sure to go buggy over it!”


Biology Roots: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

8.  Vanessa from Massachusetts is Biology Roots

Try her: Secondary Science Sub Plans

Her tip: “I’ll never forget the time I left school to pick up my sick kids from daycare, and had to go back to my classroom later that night to make sub plans for the next day. When my children’s fevers didn’t break in time for me to return to work the following day, it was so stressful to find yet another sub plan. I decided from that point on that I was going to have a handful of plans made ready for a stress-free emergency sick day. And so, the Emergency Sub Plans for Secondary Science were born. They help take the stress out of sick days by providing meaningful lessons that also incorporate classroom skills. Best of all, incorporating the plans into your classroom is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.”


Mrs Balius: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

9.  Barbara Balius from Texas is Mrs Balius

Try her: Number of the Day {Whole Year!} Bundle

Her tip: “This bundle includes 12 of my first grade Number of the Day units. Each unit gives students four weeks of daily practice working with numbers, representation, and relationships. All students need daily practice working with numbers to effectively develop their number sense. The practice that these units provide is foundational for understanding place value in first grade and beyond. I use a ‘guided math’ model in my classroom. I begin our math block with a page from our Number of the Day folders before moving on to a mini-lesson, guided and independent practice, centers, and RTI. The Number of the Day time is the highlight of my students’ day! Many teachers use the units for morning work, homework, and work for fast finishers.”


Lauren LaCour: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

10. Meet Louisiana’s Lauren LaCour

Try her: Common Core RtI Assessments for Language K-2 – Speech Therapy

Her tip: “This is a great resource to gather pre and post data for RtI or just to measure progress toward mastering Common Core language-based standards. It even comes with quick check probes to see how they are doing between tests!”


Adventures In Teaching: Spring's Spectacular Milestone Teachers

11. Florida’s Amy Grout is Adventures In Teaching

Try her: The Five Senses: Informational Text and Activities

Her tip: “The CCSS calls for students to participate in Close Reading activities. This text is written to allow primary students to interact with informative text. I have used this with students who were able to read the text independently and students who needed support. Both types of readers enjoyed the text and the activities and learned something about their 5 senses in the process.”


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