The chrysanthemum is November’s flower and chrysanthemums are signs of optimism and joy. Optimism and joy are exactly the emotions we’re feeling about our most recent group of milestone-achieving Teacher-Authors! Be sure to take a look at their innovative resources. Find someone to follow!

Meet 13 Splendid November Milestone Achievers

Latoya Reed
1. Let’s hear it for Tennessee’s Latoya Reed

Try her: Writing Centers for the Year for Primary Writers

Her tip: “This packet consists of 20 writing centers, and there are still more being added. Students use the vocabulary page and the circle map graphic organizer to create their writing piece. They can also use the word wall cards for Write the Room and fill out the matching recording sheet. Your kiddos will love this!”


Jennifer Bates: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

2. Big Cheers for San Jose, California’s Jennifer Bates

Try her: Decoding Strategies: A Quick-Reference Guide for Parents & Guided Reading

Her tip: “Many parents are willing to help their children become better readers but they aren’t sure how beyond saying, ‘sound it out.’ This Quick-Reference Guide can be sent home so parents can reinforce the same strategies you’re teaching at school. I’ve even used my time during back-to-school night to teach these to parents. The feedback has been amazing!”


TheBookUmbrella: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

3. Bravo for TheBookUmbrella

Try their: Roald Dahl Novel Study Bundle #1

Their tip: “These novel studies are versatile! They’ve been formatted so that they can be easily used in large or small groups, or for independent studies.”


The Imagination Nook: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

4. Tip your hats to Kristen Konechy from California — The Imagination Nook

Try her: November Fast Finisher – Math and Language Arts

Her tip: “These pages are great for your fast finishers or to sneak in a mini-lesson when you need to supplement a lesson. Many of the pages are perfect for parent volunteers to do in small groups. Each page meets a Common Core Standard, so they’re fantastic for standard reinforcement after a concept is taught.”


Common Core Connection: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

5. Congratulations to New York’s Anne Gardner — Common Core Connection

Try her: Very First Sight Word Sentences ~ Guided Reading Levels A and B

Her tip: “These Very First Sight Word Sentences help young learners develop confidence with early literacy skills. A high level of picture support is provided and just one sight word is added on each page. These materials, which are designed to be introduced at school and then sent home for repeated practice, help students develop fluency in reading.”


iTeachSTEM: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

6. Kudos to Kim Coker of Clarksville, Tennessee — iTeachSTEM

Try her: CELLS Bundled Kit – CSI Cell Investigation, “Super Cell” Project and more

Her tip: “My intent with this bundled kit was to design a product that required a deeper level of thinking from students while teaching and reinforcing their understanding of plant and animal cells. The Super Cell Project demands more critical thinking from students than a basic cell model since they must represent each cell part with an item that has a similar function rather than just shape/size/color. During the CSI Cell Investigation activity, students must ‘struggle’ to identify the cells. The activity can be challenging, but it will help get them away from thinking that cells actually look just like the basic diagrams so commonly seen in textbooks. Since there is no set solution to the investigation, students may be left with more questions to investigate. I think it’s important that they don’t necessarily have a clear answer — very much like a real-life crime scene investigation.”


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

7. Hello Hallie! She runs Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Try her: Word of the Day Class Activity List #1

Her tip: “This Word of the Day activity makes a great addition to your morning routine!”


Amy's Smart Designs: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

8. Welcome Wisconsin’s Amy Kuske — Amy’s Smart Designs

Try her: Rounding Numbers: Rounding Happy Task Cards

Her tip: “Using a vertical number line for rounding numbers is so effective, especially for struggling students!”


Cammie's Corner: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

9. It’s Cammie Goodman of Dacula, Georgia – Cammie’s Corner

Try her: Native American Tribes Task Cards 4th Grade

Her tip: “Six tribes: Nez Perce, Hopi, Seminoles, Kwakiutl, Inuit, Pawnee. For each tribe: Regions, Climate, Clothing, Shelter, Foods/Animals, Tools/Products, Important People.”


Crown Jewels 4 Learning: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

10. Let’s hear it for Leah Crown from Valdosta, Georgia — Crown Jewels 4 Learning

Try her: American Revolution: Complete Bundle PPTs, Structured Notes, Quizzes

Her tip: “My American Revolution Complete Bundle includes three engaging PowerPoint lessons, structured notes to accompany each lesson that keep students focused on important information, three quizzes to assess student understanding, and a hands-on stamp act activity to help students understand just how unfair the taxes were on the colonists.”


Reading is Thinking: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

11. Right on! Eagle Grove, Iowa’s Carrie Christopher runs Reading is Thinking

Try her: The Lunchroom Food Fight – Analyzing Conflicting Texts

Her tip: “I believe that one of the biggest impacts you can have on children is teaching them to think!”


Mrs W: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

12. Welcome Mrs W from Ontario, Canada

Try her: CVC Words

Her tip: “I think incorporating a fun theme into any resource is a great way to keep learning interactive and engaging!”


Jessica Ann Stanford: Nice to Meet November Milestone Achievers

13. Stellar job, Jessica Ann Stanford from Parma, Ohio

Try her: Short Vowel Unit

Her tip: “Always remember that you can be the one thing in a child’s life that changes everything! Always stay positive :)”


We’ve just kicked off the month with incredible milestone achievers, and we couldn’t be more tickled. Looking for more exciting blog posts? Check out Thanksgiving resources here, and be sure to read our 5 questions write-ups here to get to know some of our fantastic TpT Teacher-Authors in-depth!