It’s back to school season and we’re so excited to share these timely and terrific treasures! Whether you’re looking for self-assessments or open syllable sorts, you will not leave this post empty-handed. And the really great news? Half of these resources are free! So check them out and be sure to follow the Teacher-Authors for resource updates and new product announcements.

Multisyllabic Words Open Syllable Sort – PHONICS freebie by Emily LaFontaine


“This resource provides hands-on support for students who have yet to master the fundamentals of multisyllabic words. It includes a word list, sorting mat, and extra activity for those who need reinforcement.”

Morning Work for the First Weeks of School – activities/worksheets (10 days) by Emily LaFontaine

“This resource includes 10 back-to-school handouts teachers can utilize at the beginning of the year, including an interest inventory, biopoem template, and word scramble. These help my students enter my classroom quietly and get right to work!”

Classroom Posters: Motivational Women by Light Up Learning Labs


“These motivational posters feature brave, creative and memorable women from history. A perfect addition to any classroom!”

Back To School Activities by Light Up Learning Labs

“Tired of the same old back to school activities? This resource includes 10 engaging, fast paced, critical thinking and engaging activities for students to make those first days back to school memorable and fun.”

This is me I am- Beginning of year information poster by Teaching Generation Next


“This is a great activity for the first days of school. A great way for students to share who they are and for the teacher to learn some background information.”

Don’t Eat the Marshmallow- 1st day of school activity by Teaching Generation Next

“This lesson begins with handing students a marshmallow and telling them if they wait until after the presentation on classroom procedures they can have a second one. I have included a PowerPoint that includes all of the necessary beginning of the year procedures that need to be taught to students. After the presentation, give them an extra marshmallow if they still have their original. Then watch the TED video Joachim de Posada: Don’t eat the marshmallow! I use the basis of this discussion throughout the year.”

Upper and Lower Case Letter Circles by you clever monkey


“A hands-on resources perfect for the early years! Making differentiation easy, these upper and lower case letter match circles can be used several ways to help children learning to recognize both their upper and lower case letter as well as introduce alphabetical order.”

CVC Say It Read It Make It Write It Word Mats by you clever monkey

“Based on our super popular ‘Say It Make It Write It’ word mats, this CVC version uses real life photos as visual prompts to read the correct CVC word before making it from dough or magnetic letters, then writing the word. These multi-sensory mats will be a hit in your literacy centers!”

Character Traits: A Reading Character Traits Freebie Sort for Grades 4-6 by Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars


“This activity teaches character traits in a fun way. It’s important that students understand the different traits characters have.”

Back to School STEM Challenges by Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars

“These back to school STEM challenges get students thinking creatively about how to solve problems critically and work in groups.”

Tally Mark Time! by Kendra Stuppi


“This packet is designed to help students gain a better understanding of how to represent numbers using tally marks.”

Handwriting Practice Pack {From A-Z} by Kendra Stuppi

“Increase your students’ handwriting skills while also practicing words that begin with that letter.”

Morning Meeting Conversation Starters: 12 FREE Morning Meeting Questions by HappyTeacherHappyStudents


“Get your students discussing and sharing their opinions & ideas with these 180 conversation starter cards, one for every day of the school year! These conversation starters can be used in a variety of ways: morning meeting questions, writing prompts, morning message, character building lessons, buddy lunch dates, and practicing conversation skills.” 

Book Report Bundle #1: 8 Best-Selling Book Reports Perfect for 2nd – 5th Grade! by HappyTeacherHappyStudents

“This book report bundle contains 8 fun & engaging book reports perfect for 2nd through 5th grade. Each book report includes project description, grading rubric, and most include sample photos of completed projects as well!”

Learning Skills & Work Habits Student Monthly Self-Assessment FREEBIE by Teachingisagift


“Strong learning skills and positive work habits are often an indicator of future success in school, at home, and in life. By using this weekly self-assessment tool, students can reflect upon the success criteria used to assess learning skills and work habits and then set weekly goals for improvement.” 


“A must-have resource for combined grade science. You will find resources for single and combined grades science and technology for grades 3-6 in my store.”

Descriptive Writing Words by Sweet Tooth Teaching


“Create a mini-booklet of descriptive words perfect for a writing center or for group tables!”

Grammar & Language Interactive Notebook by Sweet Tooth Teaching

“My grammar interactive notebook can be used as a way of keeping notes, references, skill review activities, or even as assessments! Includes all of the third grade grammar/language standards.”


Writing for the Year Sampler by Sandra Naufal


“If you’re planning to a full year writing program, this sampler contains some ideas to get you started. This resource includes: a writing organizer with sample ideas, sample narrative writing task cards, a descriptive warm-up, transitions word list, procedural writing sample anchor chart, and specialty writing paper.”  

Back to School Writing Activities by Sandra Naufal

“If you’re looking for some quick and easy back to school writing activities, this resource will keep your students busy for the first few weeks. All activities are excellent for bulletin board displays and can be generated into large class books.” 

Letter Matching Worksheets. Preschool-Kindergarten Phonics and ELA. by Teach At Daycare


“This resource helps children with letter recognition and fine motor skills as it requires cutting and pasting.”

573 Alphabet Worksheets Download. Preschool-Kindergarten. Worksheets in ZIP by Teach At Daycare

“This resource is perfect for a letter of the week program. There are an enormous amount of activities and worksheets to teach the alphabet and letter recognition.”