Interactive Whiteboards including SmartBoards are where it’s at! They allow for stronger communication, interaction, participation, and organization in the classroom; in fact, many TpT’ers can say with utmost certainty that SmartBoards have helped them become better teachers. Seriously, how cool is that?

We’ve collected more than a dozen testimonials from teachers who are singing the praises of this innovative classroom tool. Read on to discover the unique ways in which these exceptional educators say SmartBoards help bring classroom lessons to life for their students!

Look Who’s Using SmartBoards

Christi Squires: Teachers Pay Teachers“I’ve been teaching 1st grade for over 30 years. I got my SmartBoard six years ago, and I don’t know how I ever taught without it. With students living in the digital age, the SmartBoard gives teachers a way to keep their lessons fresh and exciting. Teachers can add sounds, animation, and interactive functions to their lessons that excite the students. I have yet to have one of my 1st graders not want to have a turn to touch the SmartBoard.” – Christi Squires

OneCrazyS: Teachers Pay Teachers“My students and I do everything on our SmartBoard. We watch videos, play games, take brain breaks, manipulate objects and equations, create words, and more!” – OneCrazyS

Renee's Education Land: Teachers Pay Teachers“I absolutely LOVE SmartBoards, and so do my students! I use them practically every day because they’re extremely interactive, and I just love incorporating technology into my lessons.” – Renee’s Education Land

Glitter Meets Glue Designs: Teachers Pay Teachers“The day my SmartBoard was installed, I went through my filing cabinet which had 12+ years of art teaching materials at the time and wound up taking home three giant plastic bags of recycling. I never looked back. I love having one device that I can watch videos on, do demonstrations with, and show art lesson materials that everyone in the room can see from their seat. I find that my Smart Board helps boost classroom participation.” – Glitter Meets Glue Designs

Elementary Lesson Plans: Teachers Pay TeachersMoving from dry erase markers to a SmartBoard changed me as a teacher and my students as learners. It was like I’d been teaching by the light of a match for years, and now I had a bonfire. It really lit up learning. Color enhances anything, and for me, to be able to easily change colors at the click of a button, was magical. Colors, highlighting, underlining… all of those things help put the emphasis where you need it to help kids understand. SmartBoards make learning and teaching FUN!” – Elementary Lesson Plans

miss kim designs: Teachers Pay TeachersI use my Smart Board constantly in my classroom for 3-5 year old children with significant disabilities, such as autism or intellectual delays. I use it for everyday things like interactive attendance and calendar, but I also use it to explicitly teach targeted vocabulary words for each thematic unit. Most of my lessons are some variation of an overview page to review all of our targeted vocabulary. I honestly think having a SmartBoard in my classroom has made me a better teacher. By targeting vocabulary through using the board with my adapted books and my vocabulary tasks, my students with very little language are gaining a new understanding of words every day. Payback is the day a student climbs up on a shelf to get a toy apple, then holds the apple and starts singing one of the songs from our body parts unit, which also happens to have an apple in it.” – miss kim designs

Sample SmartBoard Resources for Primary Grades

Teachers Unleashed: Teachers Pay TeachersLindy du Plessis: Teachers Pay TeachersThe Primary Techie: Teachers Pay TeachersFlapJack Educational Resources: Teachers Pay Teachers

DK Coleman: Teachers Pay TeachersDonna Glynn Kinderglynn: Teachers Pay TeachersLaura Candler: Teachers Pay TeachersOne Extra Degree: Teachers Pay Teachers

Liv to Teach: Teachers Pay TeachersRachael Parlett: Teachers Pay TeachersReagan Tunstall: Teachers Pay TeachersNatalie's Nook: Teachers Pay Teachers


More Teacher Testimonials!

Practice Makes Perfect: Teachers Pay Teachers“SmartBoards make teaching so much easier when I can project the pages we’re using onto the board. I can also use it to show video clips and play whole-class games that support my objectives. It also makes a great interactive and hands-on classroom center. I have a section for Smart Board math activities in my store.” – Practice Makes Perfect

Sandra Naufal: Teachers Pay TeachersI often display my math games on the SmartBoard when consolidating a unit. Students use the number cubes to play the games and use the interactive software to assist with visual representations of numbers. Once the games are projected and played as a class, they’re sent home for additional reinforcement. Here’s my Math Games Bundle – Grades 1 to 6 resource.” – Sandra Naufal

One Stop Teacher Shop: Teachers Pay TeachersMy all-time favorite way to use SmartBoards is during math centers. During each rotation, two to three students make their way to the front board and play an interactive online game that I’ve set up for the day. The game is always educational and directly related to what we’re learning. My students LOVE this time!” – One Stop Teacher Shop

Elementary Ali: Teachers Pay TeachersI love using SmartBoards to assess my students. I enter released test practice questions from our state standardized tests, and the students can use a remote to answer the questions. After each question, we can see the percentage of the students who got the question correct; we then discuss it. I set it up to record each student’s answers so I can look back later and see who was struggling with what question.” – Elementary Ali

Catherine Reed - The Brown Bag TeacherMy SmartBoard really helps our day run smoothly. In the morning, students check in and take lunch count by sliding over their name on the board. Also, using a SmartBoard math calendar has freed up an entire bulletin board for anchor charts! The best part of the SmartBoard is that everything on there turns magical. All students want the opportunity to write on it or work with virtual manipulatives, so engagement is high!” – Catherine Reed – The Brown Bag Teacher

Miss Señorita: Teachers Pay Teachers“I have a SmartBoard in my room, and it’s fabulous! I use PowerPoint and Word documents on it, and I can also draw on the slides, underline important words, use different-colored pens to circle words, and essentially interact with the words as I teach! It’s wonderful.” – Miss Senorita


Sample SmartBoard Resources for Secondary Grades

Jacob Lightbody: Teachers Pay TeachersTracee Orman: Teachers Pay TeachersMusic with Sara Bibee: Teachers Pay TeachersRoxyGirl Teacher: Teachers Pay Teachers

Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy: Teachers Pay TeachersLaura Randazzo: Teachers Pay TeachersPowerPoint Maniac: Teachers Pay TeachersArik Durfee: Teachers Pay Teachers


And More Teacher Testimonials!

Amy's Smart Designs: Teachers Pay Teachers“My SmartBoard has allowed me to keep students engaged in the lesson by having them move, slide, touch, write, and clone objects. Now that my classroom is 1:1 iPad, I can keep students really engaged by beginning the lesson together on the SmartBoard and then sending them to their iPads at their desks and having them complete the second part of the lesson on the Smart Notebook app. This has allowed me to differentiate instruction by designing slides of different levels. The app doesn’t perform all the functions of the larger SmartBoard, so lessons needs to be designed with the app in mind. Here’s one lesson I designed for the SMART Notebook app: Pattern Puzzler SMART Board Projector and iPad.” – Amy’s Smart Designs

Mrs Beattie's Classroom: Teachers Pay Teachers“SmartBoards have changed the way I teach everything! From attendance to crucial math skills, I use my SmartBoard for so many different things throughout the day! One of my product lines that I’m most proud of is my SmartBoard Calendar Math. You can find those here. I’ve also written several blog posts about my SmartBoard use!” – Mrs Beattie’s Classroom

Rainbow City Learning: Teachers Pay Teachers“When my district closed some elementary schools (mine included) my teaching partner and I were so upset to learn that the SmartBoards we’d been using wouldn’t be making the move with us. I had enough seniority to select my new teaching assignment, so I chose the only school that I knew had a SmartBoard in every room. Much to my surprise, when I arrived in my new classroom, I discovered that it was the only room in the school WITHOUT a Smart Board! Our wonderful PTA took care of that right away, but it took three weeks before the new Smart Board was installed in my room. Here’s a SmartBoard product that I used several times a week and loved: Smart Board Sticky Note Modeling: Common Core Aligned.” – Rainbow City Learning

Mrs D's Classroom: Teachers Pay TeachersI’m an Intervention Specialist and when I first started teaching, I had a hard time teaching functions and geometry to my students beyond the most basic level. Now, thanks to SmartBoards, my students are able to actually take a linear equation and watch the transformations happen to it. We can reflect the line, translate the line (and so much more!) on the board. Geometry comes to life with being able to manipulate shapes and figures much easier than on paper. I also enjoy being able to save the notes and activities as a Notebook file or pdf file to print or email to my students who were absent. ” – Mrs D’s Classroom


SmartBoards: Changing the way teachers teach and students learn. We think that’s awesome, exciting, and downright… smart!

(Feature image: Thanks to Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom for the images, Ms Crosby for the lined paper, and The Upper El Classroom for the font)