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I love seeing those ‘Life Hack’ articles. Those awesome tips about using everyday items or simple little tricks to make your life sooo much easier! Well, why shouldn’t we SLPs have some of those same little tips? Here is a list of SLP Life Hacks. Made by SLPs, for SLPs :)

SLP Life Hacks

1.  If you have a kidney table (or any laminate wood table ), it can act as a dry erase board! Just use dry erase markers, glass cleaner spray, and paper towels. BOOM!

2. Put small items like pompoms, sequins, etc, in an empty egg carton for storage. It keeps things sorted and organized! – Jessica


3Melt broken crayons and pour them into empty glue stick containers. When they harden, you wind up with chunky retractable crayons.


4.  Coupon holders aka index card boxes to store artic cards or task cards.

5. Aleene’s Tack It Over & Over… Makes anything like a removable sticker. It’s really cool! No need for Velcro on pecs pictures or interactive books.


6. You can also make your own glue dots with Aleene’s Tack It by putting dots of it on tin foil or wax paper and letting it dry.

7. Make your own bulletin boards with $3 foam boards from craft stores. Just cover with batting and fabric and nail them anywhere right through the foam and everything. Tape board together to make any size you want (and they’re super light!). – Mia


8. Found at Dollar Tree: XL storage bags. $1 gets you 3 bags. They have HANDLES! AND they are zip-locked! Great for the itinerant SLP (3 sites for me). I use for: 1) books and book companions; 2) tests/protocols. – Tracy

9. I use the fuzzies for just about everything! From dry erasers to EET creations. – SLPrunner


10. Use a dry erase marker and plastic sleeve, or laminate an activity sheet that you want to use over and over without               making photocopies – Rose

11.  2 Post-its on eval folders. One with chronological age so you don’t have to keep calculating it, and one with all components of eval so you check off as you go. Helps me keep track of multiple evals going at once. – Teach Speech 365

12. Slip your iPad into a 3-ring binder that has a protective sleeve on the cover. No more sticky fingers and germs on the screen! – Schoolhouse Talk


13. Use drink holders for students to sort pictures and small objects into different categories. Assign each compartment a category, and play away!

photo (83)

14.  Make a No-Peeking box out of an old Tide Pod container. Put activity cards in the container to keep from kids from trying to see through the cards. photo+26.jpg

15. Put Velcro (one hard, one soft) on the edges of your table. These give fidgety students something to do with their hands during sessions.


16.  Use the makeup cases that come in giveaways and promotions to store frequently used artic and language cards. Keep them all together and with quick access. This is also great for traveling SLPs. Put the cards you will need for the day in the case, and travel away.bag

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