Ladies and Gentleman, we have a slew of new milestone achievers. So many, in fact, that I’ve divided this crew into two blog posts. We’re so happy for you and your success we want to make sure everyone gets a moment to shine. Shine on dear $75,000 milestone achievers, you’ve earned your day in the sun!

$75,000 Milestone Achievers

Christine Statzel: Milestone Achievers

1. Christine Statzel teaches 1st grade and runs her self-named store from California.

Christine loves teaching writing and says, “This bundle guides you through the process of how to teach your students how to organize and write a paragraph. This product can be taught separately or can go hand in hand with your writing curriculum. By the end of the unit, you’ll find more well-structured writing pieces from your students!”

Check out her Write Right! How to Organize & Write a Paragraph (BUNDLED)


Teacher's Clubhouse: Milestone Achievers

2. South Carolina is the place the ladies who run Teacher’s Clubhouse call home.

Amanda and Catherine recommend A Writer’s Notebook Unit and say, “Writing is often the toughest subject to teach since teachers don’t always have a curriculum guide to follow. Our “A Writer’s Notebook” resource helps teachers set up a writing notebook/folder to use with their students that helps them understand the writing process. This, along with our best-selling writing units, are helping students develop a love for writing as they become authors in the classroom!”


Melissa Williams: Milestone Achievers

3. Melissa Williams hails from Ohio and has been teaching Kindergarten for 10 years. Her store of the same name has over 300 products! Melissa says, “One of my favorite products is my Math Question of the Day; these questions allow me to continually introduce, practice, and review all of the Math CCSS for Kindergarten. I have created sets for each month, which can be purchased at a discounted price in this bundle :)”

Find her Math Question of the Day BUNDLE – Kindergarten Common Core here.


In the Math Lab: Milestone Achievers

4. Cate is a K-5 math teacher who loves her job. She’s always looking for fun and innovative ways to teach math and runs In The Math Lab. Cate says she, “reached the $75,000 milestone with the help of her Common Core Daily Math packets for Grades 1 – 5” and “I designed my monthly math packets to be rigorous, but also fun to do. Each month weaves in a little story along with some serious math!”


Caitlin Clabby Kindergarten Smiles: Milestone Achievers

5. Caitlin Clabby comes to us from Sunrise, Florida, and is the powerhouse behind Kindergarten Smiles.

Caitlin suggests her Work on Writing: Writing Center Activities and says, “I created these activities for our writing center. My students love to write friends’ names, word wall words, make their own lists, and more. This packet contains 47 different writing activities for students to practice during station time (I use the Daily 5 and it works great!). These activities can be left out all year round.”


Sarah Cooley: Milestone Achievers

6. Sarah Cooley is from (sweet home) Alabama, teaches 1st grade, and runs her self named store.

Of her Summarizing with the Stars! product Sarah says, “I teach my students that when they summarize, they should just think of how to retell a favorite movie to someone who has never seen it before. You should tell “just enough” about it to introduce people to the characters and one or two of the main events. Don’t give too much away or spoil the ending for someone else! The activities in this packet will give 1st-5th graders plenty of creative and engaging ways to practice this challenging skill while also meeting common core standards.”

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