More Milestone Mania

As mentioned in our previous post, this month has seen a HUGE uptick in TpT Milestone Achievers. So many, I’ve dubbed it Milestone Mania Month.

TpT Teacher-Authors span the globe! This round up includes  teachers from Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, the U.S., and Australia. Way to represent—you all are world class!

$20,000 Milestone Achievers

KinderbyKim - Milestone Mania Continued

1.  KinderbyKim of Huntington Beach, California is run by the talented Kimberly Jordano.

Kimberly states, “My Jazzy Math Journals are a great way to reinforce Kindergarten math skills and fine motor skills by integrating math and art activities. This Journal makes a wonderful keepsake at the end of Kindergarten. My math activities can be started at the beginning of school and used throughout the year. I like to keep my Jazzy Math pages in empty Xerox boxes. I have the pages grouped by the math lesson. At the end of the year, the children help me sort their pages into one giant Math Journal to take home.” Great plan!

Check out KinderbyKim’s Jazzy Math Journal Packet here.


Erin Sample - Milestone Mania Continued

2.  Surprise, Arizona is home to Erin Sample who runs her self-named store with style.

Erin offers her Fall Math Centers Mega Pack! and suggests, “This product hits on multiple Common Core math domains. It provides 1st grade students with the opportunity to develop conceptual understanding using great hands-on games and visuals. Plus, you can use it all Fall season, since it’s not month specific!”


K-5 math Teaching Resources - Milestone Mania Continued

3.  The genius behind K-5 Math Teaching Resources is Nicola from NYC.

Nicola asks, “Looking for something other than worksheets to use for math homework? Our Math Projects for K-5 are designed to develop problem solving skills while linking your curriculum with real world situations and applications of key math skills and concepts. Send home a different project each month to foster a love of math and provide opportunities for parents to get involved in their child’s learning.”

Link to K-5 Math Teaching Resources’ Math Projects: Grades 3-5 here.


Nyla's Crafty Teaching - Milestone Mania Continued

4.  Trinidad and Tobago’s own Nyla Philips of Nyla’s Crafty Teaching says, “Teaching allows me to experience the joys of seeing the world through a child’s eyes.”

Nyla offers her Homophones – Illustrated Word Wall and suggests, “Visual learners love this station. I rotate them weekly on a poster with Velcro dots. For grades 2 and up.” Well done!


All Students Can Shine - Milestone Mania Continued

5.  All Students Can Shine is brought to us by Valerie Young from Quebec, Canada.

Valerie has a nifty resource she calls, Move & Groove – Brain Breaks For Your Classroom and suggests, “These brain break cards are perfect for getting your students moving during the day! They are quick, fun, and easy to use for any grade. My students love brain breaks!”


The 3am Teacher - Milestone Mania Continued

6.  The 3am Teacher comes to us from Buckeye, Arizona and is run by Michelle Tsivgadellis.

Check out Michelle’s Fall Leaves clip Art Collection. Michelle is a former Kindergarten and 7th grade ELA teacher. She says, “The resources feature all of my own art and there are many printable visuals you can use to add to your Fall-themed classroom bulletin boards. Laminate the smaller visuals and create fun reading and writing workshop activities to use while you are conducting reading groups.” We love it!


Rhonda Baldacchino - Milestone Mania Continued

7.  Rhonda Baldacchino lives in The Land Down Under AKA New South Wales, Australia, from where she runs her self-named store.

Rhonda suggests her Sight Words Flip Books and Writing Activities. Her tip: “I want my students to enjoy their learning. I love creating lessons that are not only engaging but also exciting for my students. I have a special interest in early Literacy and I have created many activities that will get my Kindergarten students started with reading and writing.” Nice job!


Created for Learning - Milestone Mania Continued

8.  Created for Learning hails from California and stealthily offers up Parts of Speech Complete Unit – Lessons, Assessments, Answers – Grammar Ninja.

Created for Learning says, “Grammar books can be so boring sometimes, can’t they? That’s where the Grammar Ninja steps in. This unit (as well as our commas, subjects/verbs, and phrases/clauses) is a perfect supplement (or replacement) to help students have FUN while learning and reviewing their grammar. So enjoy! Or the ninjas will get you. Don’t look over your shoulder.” 😉


Cindy Gilchrist - Milestone Mania Continued

9.  Cindy Gilchrist is from Naples, Florida. She teaches 1st grade and runs her self named TpT store when she’s not updating one of her three!!! blogs.

Cindy offers her Writing Center resource and says, “I picked this item because it makes a great center for primary grades and my students LOVE it! Along with the Writing Center board, I put out a variety of papers, note cards, envelopes, writing utensils, and office tools and the students work, work, work! This is the one center they ALL love going to.” Fantastic!

Check out Cindy’s Writing Center here.


Aileen Miracle - Milestone Mania Continued

10. Ohio is the home of Aileen Miracle and her self-named store. She’s a talented music teacher and presents music education workshops at chapters across the nation.

Aileen suggests trying out her Polished Planning {Creating Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Music Plans} and says, “I love creating products for both music educators and classroom teachers. My product, “Polished Planning” is a comprehensive guide to assist music teachers in creating long- and short-range planning, including lesson plans, concept plans, year plans, and more!” Harmonic!


Ta, arrivederci, cheerio, adieu—and see you for the next round!