Congratulations to these nine notable milestone achievers. They’re dedicated, they’re talented, and they’ve got terrific resources to help you teach at your very best! You’ll find task cards, games, interactive notebooks, and entire units — all math- and science- related! For ELA-related resources and other unique gems from 12 more milestone achievers, take a look at September Milestone Merriment: Part 1. Well done!

9 Teacher-Authors Feeling September’s Milestone Merriment


3rd Grade Math Interactive Notebook {Common Core Aligned}

1. It’s Jamie Pink from California – she runs Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

Try her: 3rd Grade Math Interactive Notebook {Common Core Aligned}

Her tip: “Math should be fun and engaging! This 3rd grade math interactive notebook can be used to review, reinforce, and assess student learning of the Common Core Standards. Each page provides hands-on, differentiated learning for use in small groups, centers, or whole group instruction. The notebook can also be used as a reference for students throughout the school year and for years to come.”


Kindergarten Math
2. Well done in Richmond, Texas – it’s Green Apple Lessons

Try her: Kindergarten Math

Her tip: “Encourage your Kindergarten students to review essential math skills with this Kindergarten math mega bundle! These 130+ pages of fun math activities promote concept mastery all year long. These printable activities are great to use for independent practice, in math centers, as homework, or as review lessons for beginning 1st graders. Check out my other Kindergarten math centers for more hands-on learning fun!”


MathFileFolderGames: 42 Printable Math Games for Middle School Students

3. It’s Justin Holladay from Alberta, Canada – he’s MathFileFolderGames

Try his: MathFileFolderGames: 42 Printable Math Games for Middle School Students

His tip: “‘File Folder’ Math Games are a simple way to be ready at any moment to play a math game. It isn’t necessary to store these games in file folders; ‘file folder’ simply means fast and easy! Above all, make playing math games an easy option for your students and children. Math games are also a great tool to involve parents, guardians, siblings, and other important people in a child’s life. It’s a great way to facilitate the home and school connection.”


Math and ELA Games MEGA Bundle: U-Know (Played like UNO)

4. Pennsylvania’s Angela Yorgey is Fun in 5th Grade

Try her: Math and ELA Games MEGA Bundle: U-Know (Played like UNO)

Her tip: “Working in the inner city has forced me to come up with fun and engaging ways to hook my students so that they’ll buy into practicing their skills. The answer for me was to incorporate learning games that help them review key concepts in a repetitive way so they stick! One game my students LOVE is U-Know! U-Know currently comes in both a Math and ELA version. It’s played like an old favorite but with a fun, learning twist that the students really get into. When you lay a card, you must address whatever is on the card. If you get it wrong, DRAW 2! This helps students pay attention even when it’s not their turn. My students even ask to take it to lunch to play!”


Force, Motion, and Gravity Science Unit

5. Congrats to Cara Gingras from Florida – she’s Kindergarten Boom Boom

Try her: Force, Motion, and Gravity Science Unit

Her tip: “I LOVE to make science fun. There’s nothing better than actual hands-on experiments. It gets the kiddos so excited and keeps them engaged in their learning the whole time. This science unit offers all I need to do that. It’s over two weeks worth of detailed lesson plans and hands-on science fun.”


Place Value & Money Differentiated Resource Bundle

6. Way to go, Mrs. D from Texas – she’s The Third Wheel

Try her: Place Value & Money Differentiated Resource Bundle

Her tip: “Place value can be a really hard concept for students, especially to begin after a long summer break. Providing students with clear, easy-to-use strategies can really help, and regular formative assessments allow you to pinpoint areas for re-teaching before gaps can occur. This great bundle provides all you’ll need to rest assured your students master place value this year!”


Science Interactive Notebooks Bundle - Includes all 7 of my Best-Selling INB's

7. High five to Texas’ Chris Kesler – he runs Mad Science Lessons

Try his: Science Interactive Notebooks Bundle – Includes all 7 of my Best-Selling INB’s

His tip: “Science journals have come a long way since I was in grade school. Interactive science notebooks allow your students to compartmentalize the content that’s being taught in class. They also help students re-structure prior information and connect it to new knowledge. I have personally seen previously unorganized students take pride in keeping beautiful interactive notebooks. My Science Interactive Notebooks Bundle is designed to supplement your science unit throughout the year.”


Fractions Task Cards {8 Sets}

8. Alabama’s Mike and Kathy Estela are ChiliMath

Try their: Fractions Task Cards {8 Sets}

Their tip: “Learning fractions can be challenging to kids because there are so many concepts and rules to remember. An effective way of teaching a fraction unit is to provide students with many opportunities to practice a specific concept or procedure in different ways. The Fractions Task Cards Mega Bundle does just that! The use of visual models is evident throughout each set. Students will also gain exposure in answering fraction problems presented in different formats such as true or false, multiple choice, direct questions, word problems, and more. The problems in this bundle have varying levels of difficulty that will challenge your students to apply critical thinking and have fun at the same time. Use these task cards for individual or pair activities, group activities, math centers, games, and even in whole class discussion. Since task cards are very easy to prepare and implement in the classroom, the possibilities are endless!”


6th Grade Common Core Math Daily Review Bundle Weeks 1-30

9. Outstanding, Utah’s Jeni Hall

Try her: 6th Grade Common Core Math Daily Review Bundle Weeks 1-30

Her tip: “Too many times we teach students math concepts only to have them completely forget what they’ve learned after a few weeks. If you want to help your students remember math concepts all year long, then spiral review is a must! My Common Core daily math reviews for 6th grade have five worksheets for each week. Use worksheets A-D on Monday through Thursday; one worksheet a day. Use them as self-starters, in math centers, or as nightly homework. The same 10 concepts are practiced each day. Then give the students a quiz on Friday to see if they’ve mastered the weekly concepts. Once a skill is taught, it will appear in the weekly reviews again and again. Using these reviews will help your students master the 6th grade math content.”


Way to go! And remember: You’ll find 12 more milestone achievers right here — they’re showcasing unique resources for close reading, opinion and persuasive writing, ideas for open house, and much more!