These 12 terrific Teacher-Authors recently reached a TpT milestone and have spectacular resources to show you. Close reading, opinion and persuasive writing, ideas for open house, and much more! And be sure to head over to September Milestone Merriment: Part 2 for a nine more milestone achievers with fantastic math and science resources to share! So much September milestone merriment — wahoo!

12 Teacher-Authors Feeling September’s Milestone Merriment


Lovin Lit: Teachers Pay Teachers

1. Congrats to Erin Cobb from Louisiana — she’s Lovin Lit

Try her: Informational Text CLOSE READING Passage Pack for Interactive Notebooks 4-8

Her tip: “This NO PREP pack includes high-quality, high interest, differentiated passages for close reading. Each passage includes interactive notebook pages, graphic organizers, and annotation keys.”


Kindergarten Portfolio and Memory Book

2. From Southern Illinois, it’s Katie Mense — Kudos!

Try her: Kindergarten Portfolio and Memory Book

Her tip: “Kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth and learning. Showcase your students’ progress with this portfolio and memory book. It’s the perfect combination of academic and cute! You can use it to assess your students each month with their writing/illustrating skills, number writing, and letter writing. There’s also an ‘All About Me’ section and pages to add photographs for each month. It’s very useful and makes the perfect keepsake at the end of the year. Your students’ parents will LOVE them! Just copy one for each student at the beginning of the year. I keep each portfolio in the student’s labeled mailbox, and I can easily grab it to record a lost tooth, transfer information to report cards, or take it to a care team or IEP meeting.”


Cute Raccoon Classroom Helpers EDITABLE Modern Grey Sripe

3. Aloha! It’s Julia Rother from Hawaii

Try her: Cute Raccoon Classroom Helpers EDITABLE Modern Grey Stripe

Her tip: “This cute classroom helper set is fully editable. I’ve created a short YouTube tutorial on how to easily edit the file.”


Open House is a Hoot!
4. Rhode Island’s Sara Soucy is The Colorful Apple

Try her: Open House is a Hoot!

Her tip: “Open House or Meet the Teacher Night is often the first time you meet parents or your students. It’s important to make a good impression and make everyone feel welcome. I use the name tags and scavenger hunt to make students feel comfortable in their new classroom. The donation cards and volunteer sheets allow parents to help you prepare for the school year. This set includes everything you need to ensure that your Open House or Meet the Teacher Night runs smoothly!”


Color the Room Bundle

5. Tami Sanders from California is Teaching Preschoolers

Try her: Color the Room Bundle

Her tip: “In a class full of little ones, we all have those learners that need to wiggle and move throughout the day. Color the Room gets little ones up and moving as they learn their colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. But that’s not all: as they color, they’ll be building dexterity, which is an essential skill needed for writing. I always find that our little ones learn best and retain knowledge when I’ve been able to provide them with meaningful hands-on activities.”


Reading Comprehension Skills - SUPER BUNDLE - 6 Mini-Units

6. Bravo to New York’s Brain Waves Instruction

Try her: Reading Comprehension Skills – SUPER BUNDLE – 6 Mini-Unit

Her tip: “Teaching students comprehension skills is absolutely essential, but it can get tedious and boring year after year. That’s where this SUPER BUNDLE of six reading comprehension skills mini-units comes in. No matter what subject you teach, this resource includes super-fun, super-engaging lessons to help your students make inferences, find the main idea, make predictions, use context clues, find sequences, and identify cause and effect. Whether students are actively engaged in inference charades, building a main-idea house, investigating the principal’s files, participating in a paper airplane challenge, writing an advertisement, or playing cause-and-effect toss, you’ll love how they work interactively to develop their reading skills and significantly improve their reading comprehension! Each mini-unit includes three detailed lesson plans, interactive learning activities, and original reading passages.”


writing center September (16 Writing Activities and 250 Picture Cards)

7. It’s Antoinette from New Jersey – she runs My 1st Passion

Try her: writing center September (16 Writing Activities and 250 Picture Cards)

Her tip: “This writing center is perfect for any primary classroom. It has everything you need to motivate and engage your students when working on writing. It includes 250 picture cards and 16 writing activities that can be used for small group, whole group, and independent writing. You’ll find writing prompts, label-it sheets, graphic organizers, task cards, and so much more to differentiate instruction for students at every writing level. Many of the activities are also very popular with early finishers. My kids love writing, and I’m confident your class will too after adding these activities to your writing center!”


5th Grade Writing Unit -Loving Writing- Unit 1 {Common Core Aligned}

8. Sensational in South Carolina — it’s Kelly Anne- Appleslices

Try her: 5th Grade Writing Unit -Loving Writing- Unit 1 {Common Core Aligned}

Her tip: “Setting up writer’s workshop for the year can be such a challenge, but with these easy-to-use lesson plans, rubrics, and management forms, you’ll love to teach writing in your classroom!”


Back to School: Progress Through the Year - (P, K, 1st, 2nd)

9. Way to go, Georgia’s Sherry Clements

Try her: Back to School: Progress Through the Year – (P, K, 1st, 2nd)

Her tip: “This ‘Back to School: Progress Through the Year’ pack is great for showing student progress throughout the school year in many areas. It’s perfect to save and bind together at the end of the school year as a keepsake for parents. It’s so much fun to show students and parents the progress that the students made with different skills throughout the year.”


Expanding Sentences- A Bundle of Scavenger Hunts for the Year

10. Marvelous job, California’s Mindy Sedlik

Try her: Expanding Sentences- A Bundle of Scavenger Hunts for the Year

Her tip: “Have fun with eight bundled sets of Seasonal/Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunts! These scavenger hunts get your students moving around the classroom while they work on expanding simple sentences!”


Opinion and Persuasive Writing Unit

11. Well done, Brigid Ann from St. Louis, Missouri

Try her: Opinion and Persuasive Writing Unit

Her tip: “Everybody has an opinion, right?! This writing pack is geared towards grades K-3 and is aligned to the Common Core. I’ve included lesson ideas that correlate with mentor texts to help guide and teach opinion/persuasive writing. It’s packed full of templates to help students learn, write down opinions, state reasons, and give examples. You can use this packet throughout the school year or when you teach opinion writing in general. I can assure you that your students will find these activities engaging and fun!”


Teacher Tools and Time Savers
12. Take a bow, Tennessee’s Teacher Tools and Time Savers

Try her: Editable Center Signs and Center Clip Chart – Cute Polka Dots

Her tip: “I feel like having an organized, decorated classroom makes my classroom feel calmer and more conducive to learning. This is wonderful for me and my students! My Center Signs and Center Clip Chart resource is a large part of that. All centers are clearly labeled to eliminate confusion among students. Signs are included for preschool developmental centers up to elementary reading centers. I also print these posters out smaller and create a ‘Center Clip Chart’. I can clip students or groups onto the center they’ll be going to, or students can clip their own clip to the area they want to go to. When students are allowed to choose, I put white circle stickers on the clip chart to show how many can come to that center. For example, if a center accommodates four children, I put four stickers on that sign on the chart so students can clip their clothespin on a sticker. If the stickers are full, the center is full!”


Fantastic! Quality resources from a quality group of hard-working Teacher-Authors. Don’t forget to check out 9 more milestone achievers of the week! Each one has something special to share.