September IS Milestone Mania Month (or at least that’s what I’m calling it ;)). We’re at 34 milestones and counting.

The first dozen are featured here and include a Middle School Social Studies teacher, a Speech Language Pathologist, and just about every kind of teacher in between. It just goes to show that all different types of Teacher-Authors can find an audience and succeed on TpT.

Let’s jump right in with our $75,000 Milestone Achiever Superstars, shall we?

$75,000 Milestone Achievers

Mrs. Jones' Creation Station - Milestone Mania

1.  Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station is brought to us by Elissa Jones from The Friendship State, Texas.

Elissa says, “As a teacher it’s my goal to create a learning environment that’s both safe and exciting for all of my students.” She offers her Kindergarten Homework Bundle {2013 – 2014} and says she’s “thrilled to help teachers get parents involved in their child’s education.” Nice work!


A Year of Many Firsts - Milestone Mania

2.  A Year of Many Firsts is run by Lyndsey from Maryland. Of her Writer’s Workshop Mega Pack (with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Fix It!) Lyndsey says, “I created this packet because I want to instill the love of writing in my students. I’ve found the best way to do that is make writing FUN! In my classroom, I made a writing space to hold all of the “tools” my students will need when writing. I keep fancy paper, markers, crayons, and cool notebooks there for them to use anytime they want. I also purchased a few fun lap desks so that they can spread all around the classroom and find a cozy corner.” Great idea!


Lovin' Lit - Milestone Mania

3.  Erin Cobb runs Lovin’ Lit from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Erin recommends her resource The Ultimate Interactive Notebook Template Collection (Blank Editable Templates) and says, “My Ultimate Interactive Notebook Template Collection can help you turn any lesson into an interactive notebook lesson. There are over 75 templates that can be edited to suit your classroom’s needs.” Simply awesome!


And our $20,000 Milestone Achiever Superstars have some celebrating to do. Get those glitter cannons ready! Here are the first 9 in the line-up.

$20,000 Milestone Achievers

Grade School Cool - Milestone Achiever

4.  Grade School Cool’s own Sara Peters comes to us from Columbia, Missouri.

Sara suggests her Common Core ELA Assessments Grade 2 (ALL STANDARDS PACK) and says, “This product can be incorporated as a pre-test/post-test or quarter assessment pack for the Common Core State Standards. The pack has assessments for all standards and is best used for quick assessment checks throughout the school year. I hope it saves teachers a lot of prep time!”


Arlene Manemann - Milestone Achiever

5.  Arlene Manemann runs her self named store from The OC—Tustin, California that is.

Arlene’s featured product, HISTORICAL FICTION Literature Circles and Coop.Learn.Resp. is her way of “sneaking history” into her student’s reading. She reports, “Reading historical fiction in the classroom is a great way to lure students into times and events that they might otherwise give little attention to. A story, from the perspective of someone their own age for instance, captures their imagination while immersing them in history. To further that interest I created Historical Fiction Lit Circles handouts.” Fantastic!


Joey Udovich - Milestone Mania

6.  Joey Udovich is the proprietor of her self named store which she runs from Pennsylvania (that is when she’s not teaching or running after her two little girls under the age of 5).

Check out Joey’s Interactive Writing Center: Grades 3-6. Her tip: “This product will allow teachers more small group time, as their students work independently on this interactive, engaging, and visually appealing writing center. It includes a complete bulletin board set, detailed direction pages for students that are FUN to read, samples for kiddos to look at, and practice pages to try out their new skill!”


Mr Educator - A Social Studies Professional - Milestone Mania

7.  Cale Garber is Mr Educator – A Social Studies Professional.

Cale suggests, “My United States Constitution Unit features 12 hands-on and engaging activities to introduce the American government system to middle school students! I use this unit to teach students about the creation of the U.S. Constitution in a way that makes them want to learn. With this unit, students become lawyers who investigate the Constitution, writers who seek to persuade their classmates to pass essential “school legislation,” and designers who create visual representations of previous election results!”

Don’t miss Mr Educator – A Social Studies Professional’s The United States Constitution Unit Plan! 12 very hands-on, engaging lessons!


SLP Gone Wild - Milestone Mania

8.  Jenn Alcorn is the powerhouse behind SLP Gone Wild. She comes to us from Saint Johns, Florida. (And in case you’re unfamiliar, the SLP stands for “Speech-Language Pathologist.”)

Check out her Common Core Speaking & Listening Rating Scales {K-5}. Jenn’s tip: “As an Speech-Language Pathologist, it is very important to be able to document and monitor the impact of a student’s communication disorders in the classroom, so I developed these scales to do just that! These can easily be used by classroom teachers to evaluate a student’s current level of performance and determine standards to target for instruction.” Well done!


Angela Crescenzo - Milestone Mania

9.  Pennsylvania is the home of Angela Crescenzo who’s a teacher as well as a licensed paramedic.

Angela says her teaching style is “eclectic” and that she loves technology and new ideas.  Angela Cresenzo’s store of the same name is where you can find Behavior Management Reward Catalog & Punch Cards Jungle Safari Theme. Angela’s tip: “These catalogs come in a variety of classroom themes. They are a great supplement to existing behavior management systems or can stand alone.” Smashing!


Sandy's Learning Reef - Milestone Mania

10. Sandy of Sandy’s Learning Reef hails from Tennessee and highlights her Graphs Galore! Common Core Differentiated Activities and Math Stations (2.MD.10).  Sandy suggests, “There are 10 different graphing activities that you can use in your guided math groups, math stations, or as independent assignments. I love how four of the activities are differentiated (remediation, on-level, and advanced) so I can choose the appropriate activity for each student in my classroom. My students love the graphing activities so much that they actually cheered each day when we did a different one.” Huzzah!


Carrie's Creations - Milestone Mania

11. Carrie Friedauer is the mastermind behind Carrie’s Creations and comes to us from the state who’s motto is The Crossroads of America AKA Indiana.

Carrie’s been teaching for over 12 years and loves teaching 1st grade. Carrie offers her Guided Reading Lesson Plan Templates for Small Groups Level A-V (1-30+) of which she says, “This is a great resource to easily plan small group guided reading lessons.” Well done!


Create-Abilities - Milestone Mania

12. Create-Abilities is run by our very own Cassie T. who hails from Utah.

Cassie cheers, “My Evidence Based Terms set is great at getting your students back in to the text to justify their answers. These posters work great for close reads, guiding reading groups, basal programs and much more!”

Check out Create-Abilities Evidence Based Terms! CCSS: Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Whole Class here.


Congratulations to this first round of TpT Milestone Achievers. Stay tuned—lots more good stuff to come!