Take a bow, milestone achievers! These nine fantastic Teacher-Authors have a wealth of resources for you to discover. You’ll find everything from Greek and Latin Roots to Dodecahedron Book Reports — From Changing Communities to Text Detectives. And you won’t want to miss the other eight sensational September Milestone Achievers in Part 1. Hats off to each and every one!

9 Sensational September Milestones to Celebrate



1. Magnificent work, Melissa from California — she’s Got to Teach

Try her: Greek and Latin Root Words {Book 1}

Her tip: “Almost 70% of the English language is derived from Latin and Greek languages. When students learn these ‘building blocks’, it becomes easy for them to recognize and decode unfamiliar words that are related to a known root. It’s also increasingly important to explicitly teach students the meanings of Greek and Latin roots as they encounter the very technical vocabulary found in science and other content areas.”



2. Kudos, Mary Beth K. from Georgia — she’s Free to Teach

Try her: Personal Narrative CCSS Aligned Grades 3-5

Her tip: “Teaching narrative writing can be difficult, but it doesn’t always have to be hard! Start with helping your students discover new ideas and then lead them into a lesson on how to develop a strong lead. Teach them to use transition words, add dialogue, and write descriptively. This unit will easily lead you through the mini lessons step-by-step, all the way to a final published personal narrative.”



3. Congratulations to Created by MrHughes, run by Utah’s John Hughes

Try his: Book Report Dodecahedron Project Kit

His tip: “Book Reports (or Literature Response) Projects tend to be boring and monotonous for students and teachers alike! With my Book Report Dodecahedron Project, my students are motivated to complete each of the 12 mini-assignments so they can assemble them into the 3-D final project. My favorite part is that my students will ask to do it over and over again, and my students’ parents and my administrators love how they look displayed! The teacher in me loves how easy it is to incorporate this project into my reading and writing curriculum. Copy the project and go!”



4. Katie from California is Teacher to the Core

Try her: Comprehension and Fluency 101 {Strategies, Games, Tools, Posters}

Her tip: “Getting kids to really remember what they read and to comprehend the deeper meaning is tricky! Tiny tweaks that turn learning into play are a fun way to tackle comprehension. Here’s a fun tip: when reading aloud together, have the kids ‘read the punctuation’ by saying ‘Bzzzz!’ or ‘Pop!’ every time they see a punctuation mark. Doing this one time a week gets kids laughing and loving reading, and it also helps kids notice punctuation so they can stop reading like robots and develop a conversational reading voice.”



5. Congratulations to Debbie Crockett of Arizona — she runs Crockett’s Classroom

Try her: Reading Task Cards for Informational and Literary Text (grades 2-4)

Her tip: “These task cards are a great way to get students to read carefully and search for evidence to support their responses. The cards are designed to be used with many different types of literary and informational texts. They’d work well in small groups, with partners, or even at a literacy center.”



6. Well done Little School on the Range, run by Kara Kasberg Hoelscher of Texas

Try her: Communities and How They Change Over Time

Her tip: “Encourage your students to have conversations with family at home about how their community has changed over time. Parents and grandparents enjoy sharing their experiences in school and comparing them with the younger generations.”



7. You did it, Beth Wagenaar and Katie E. Perkins from Upstate New York

Try their: Math Module 1 Topic A Engage NY 4th Fourth Grade PowerPoint New York

Their tip: “The New York State Department of Education has developed free Common Core Modules for both ELA and Math that can be found at www.engageny.org. We began using the modules as soon as they were published and found that, while they provided excellent methods to teach our students, they were difficult to teach because of the lack of materials and visuals for use with projection boards. We developed PowerPoints to use in our own classes and quickly realized that others might find our work helpful. This math presentation is the first topic for 4th grade math. We used the math modules all last year, and our math scores soared! More importantly, our students couldn’t wait for math and were so excited when they could solve multi-step problems!”



8. Applause for Marie of Arizona — she’s The Hands On Teacher in First

Try her: Classroom Management: Student Brag Bracelets – Great for Positive Reinforcement!

Her tip: “Positive reinforcement can help encourage all of your students, from the struggling readers to the constant talkers! Use these Brag Bracelets as a wallet-friendly student incentive, and watch how your students will begin to strive to earn them all! These are perfect for K-3!”



9. Well done, Jenny from Ohio — she’s Luckyfrog

Try her: Text Detectives- Find the Text Evidence Through the Year BUNDLE! {August-May)

Her tip: “If your students are struggling with a skill, break it down in a simple, engaging way that reaps success! Last year, my reading intervention students were learning to go back in the text and find evidence to support their answers. For a struggling reader, this Common Core skill can be daunting — so I looked for ways to make the task interactive. By color-coding evidence using my Text Detectives: Find the Text Evidence series, my students learned this valuable skill in a less intimidating way!”


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